TV’s most functional family returns in Fuller House Advertisement

TV’s most functional family returns in Fuller House

...and we love them to bits!

By Vatsala Chhibber  February 23rd, 2016

Fuller House (stills above!) feels like a throwback to the original — newly widowed DJ Tanner is raising three boys with help from her sister and childhood BFF Kimmy Gibbler. Expect a complete family reunion in the first episode (minus the Olsen twins). 

In a time of taped audience reactions and neat endings, the original Full House didn’t attempt to push any boundaries. And yet, the story of a single dad raising three daughters with help from his brother-in-law, best friend and trusted sitcom tropes became one of the most iconic shows of all time.

Though if we’re honest, it’s obvious we were all in it for uncle Jesse. And maybe for these essential lessons…

Feelings are golden: Whether you loathed your sister’s popularity or your own body for growing up weird, the Tanners wanted to hear about it. Airing out feelings routinely, honestly and not in emojis ensured all manner of trouble was nipped in the bud to a chorus of ‘awwww’. 


Catchphrases take you a long way: If you didn’t have a favourite from Jesse’s ‘Have Mercy’, Joey’s ‘Cut.It.Out’, Stephanie’s ‘How Rude’ or Michelle’s ‘You Got It Dude’, you didn’t have an adorable get-out-of-jail-free card.

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Vanilla is awesome: Spending time with the Tanners felt safe; the adults fell into reassuring categories of uncool (Danny), unsuccessful (Jesse) and unlucky in love (Joey).


Fuller House premieres on on February 26. Watch the sneak peek here: