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Twinkle Khanna beauty tips you’re going to steal right away

Ground rules

By Twinkle Khanna  July 18th, 2018

Author, designer and brand ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel, you can trust these Twinkle Khanna beauty tips are well-researched and tested by the star herself.

Pick a hair colour to match your temperament

“If you read the Manusmriti (religious scripture), red-headed women were thrown out of their homes because of their fiery personalities and tempers to match. I think this colour perfectly represents my bold personality too.” 

Choose time-saving beauty hacks 

“I do things that require minimum effort, but give maximum results. I blow-dry only the front of my hair to save time. I use a tinted sunblock instead of foundation, and sometimes, I sleep with wet hair, so I get gorgeous beach curls in the morning.”

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Adopt a trusted hair routine

“I regularly use in-salon treatments like L’Oréal Professionnel’s Powerdose, so my hair stays supple and healthy. I also love changing my hair colour, so I make sure my hairstylist uses a protective treatment like Smartbond that reduces damage.”

Practice self-care every day

“Taking care of the mind is of prime importance. I wake up really early, do some yoga to centre myself and then take on the day. I also focus on one thing at a time — for example, I’m focusing on writing my new book right now, and my priority isn’t the way I look. But three months down the line, I’ll hit the gym and look after my body again.”