5 common mistakes to avoid when redoing your home, according to Twinkle Khanna

Whether it’s fashion advice or decor tips, trust Twinkle Khanna to keep it simple and practical. From ways to maximise space in space starved cities to championing sustainable design, we caught up with the face of Colours by KOHLER: India Palette campaign and chatted about all things decor:

ELLE: What are some of the current decor and design trends that you’re loving?

Twinkle Khanna: I am loving seeing the shift from all recessed lighting to decorative lighting and the thrust towards sustainability in design. Vertical gardens, bold wallpaper, artisanal products are all having a moment.


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ELLE: One design tip to make maximum use of home space in a city like Mumbai?

TK: Paint your ceiling two shades lighter than the walls and throw in large mirrors. I also think pieces of furniture have to multi-task—an ottoman that turns into a side table with the addition of a tray, a coffee table with storage within, kitchen sinks like Tuler that disappear when not required giving you larger counter space, a desk that flaps out of a bureau. I would also use a lot of plants to turn our concrete boxes into welcoming spaces.

ELLE: What are some common mistakes people tend to make when redoing their house?

TK: 1) Over-furnishing: Just because there is a large empty space, it doesn’t mean that everything needs to be crammed into that room. The furniture that goes into a room should fit it.

2) Boring bath spaces: One of the common mistakes people make is not paying enough attention to their bath spaces. In addition to this, it is important to select durable, high-quality materials that you won’t need to replace within a few years.

3) Clutter: Get rid of most things and organise the rest by origin, colour or shape.


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4) Thematic decor: I was once asked to recreate a French chateau In a tiny apartment in Khar. It doesn’t work like that. Style has to fit into the space and not the other way around.

5) Not going the green way: Redoing your space is a great opportunity to look at using sustainable materials, working around maximising natural light and ventilation, and using plants as visually pleasing air purifiers.

ELLE: Tell us about your favourite corner in your home.

TK: It would have to be my garden. I have two hammocks in a corner under a frangipani tree and right beside my vegetable patch. It is the one place that makes feel like I am always on a vacation while being right in the midst of things.


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ELLE: Tell us about your association with Kohler. How did it come about?

TK: I have been associated with the brand for over five years now and it started in the capacity of being an interior designer and now as its brand ambassador for the beautiful Colours of India range. At Kohler, they have great respect for creativity and art. For decades, white and chrome has been synonymous with bathrooms, but that doesn’t have to be the case anymore with Colours by KOHLER: India Palette.

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