This is how Twinkle Khanna deals with bad hair days Advertisement

This is how Twinkle Khanna deals with bad hair days

Shocking, we know

By Salva Mubarak  March 21st, 2017

Twinkle Khanna has given us two wildly popular books, a regular newspaper column that is equal parts witty and hilarious, lessons on love and some unfortunate Bollywood choices that she would gladly wipe from our collective memories. Now with her appointment as the brand ambassador for L’Oréal Professionnel India, she is all set to give us intense hair goals as well.

“I am just glad that I am sporting 50 shades of L’Oréal instead of 50 shades of grey,” she exclaims, when asked about her new role. While we may not have the answers to how to manage multiple careers, we do have Twinkle Khanna’s beauty secrets. 

Her daily hair care routine takes less than seven minutes

Looking at the perfectly arranged waves around her face, you’d be forgiven for feeling more than slightly envious. It doesn’t help that she then admits to spending less than seven minutes on her hair every morning. “If I just about manage to comb my hair, it’s a lucky day. I don’t really do much, to be honest. Because of my schedule, I need to get ready and get out of the house really quickly.”

Her worst hair memory is very relateable

It wasn’t always flowing locks and glossy waves for Twinkle Khanna. She recalls her school days and bemoans the tight pigtails she sported then, that were inevitably coated in a thick layer of oil at all times. “They would hurt so much by the end of the day.”

Her ideal beauty product is something we all need in our lives

It’s, perhaps, her preference for this low maintenance beauty routine that has her wishing for a beauty product that will solve all her problems and have her looking flawless with minimal effort. “I want to invent a product that has a laser in it that just fixes and styles your hair for you. Then there’s a mist that you put your face in, and your make-up is all set. And all this in under three minutes.” Someone needs to get on this fast.

Her cure for bad hair days is beautifully simple

For the days when her hair refuses to comply with her wishes, her solution is distraction. “I line my eyes heavily in kohl. It distracts people from the mess on my head.”  There you go.

Her family beauty secret is…

To think that her flawless skin and hair is a result of years of maternal nagging to apply homemade masks that contain everything under the kitchen roof would be obvious, but wrong. Twinkle admits that her family never focused on hair or skincare, “I grew up learning to focus more on how you’re feeling on the inside, because it will reflect on the outside. Take care of yourself and just be happy and relaxed as much as you can.”  

Twinkle on a life well-lived: