Twinkle Khanna on using technology to make your living spaces come alive

Actor-turned-author Twinkle Khanna dons multiple hats. You can see it in her impressive oeuvre, which boasts of hit Bollywood films (like Baadshah), humorous best-selling reads (of course, Mrs. Funnybones), as well as the chic interior décor that she puts together for her clientele. So when Samsung launched its latest QLED 8K, we found it the perfect opportunity to catch up with the ace designer. And she had a lot to say, specifically about the ways in which technology can transform your living spaces.

Here are the highlights:

ELLE: What’s your interior design philosophy?

Twinkle Khanna: It’s how I would dress someone. The foundation will be clean and strong, and I’ll accessorise with whimsy. I believe style spreads across all verticals. Whether it is interior design, fashion or the daily things, I follow a similar philosophy.

ELLE: How, in your opinion, does technology transform a particular space?

TK: The way technology and design are integrating into one another is very interesting. Not so long ago, televisions were big black boxes and cabinets had to be designed to hide that bulkiness. Now, we have a piece of technology that can be placed on the wall and we can do multiple things with it. Technology is liberating design. It is also making design more sustainable, whether it is using LED lights, which are power saving, or solar panels.

ELLE: What requests do you get the most when it comes to infusing technology into homes?

TK: People want things that are seamless and easy to use. Something that’s effective and makes life easier. Technology has to bend to your will and not the other way around. The more complicated you make it, the more difficult it becomes. I don’t think you need to put technology in everything.

ELLE: The three luxury gadgets you swear by.

TK: My phone, a TV, and a car – that’s it. I’m not a very gadget-savvy person. (laughs)

ELLE: What do you prefer: a huge television or a compact smartphone?

TK: Both. When I’m on the move, I watch something on my smartphone. At home, when I have the luxury of not straining my eyes and watching something with great definition, I’ll undoubtedly pick the TV.

ELLE: Samsung QLED 8K is one-of-its-kind. How do you see it redefining the TV viewing experience?

TK: The picture quality is exceptionally crisp and clear. People will love the viewing experience on the new Samsung QLED 8K. I’m finding my own family parking themselves in front of this instead of the home theatre system.

ELLE: How can we best enjoy this?

TK: The Samsung QLED (8K) has a lot of inbuilt features. It adjusts the brightness according to the light in the room, the sound according to the scene. It also has the invisible connect, so everything is digitally connected. You just have to sit on the couch.

ELLE: What are your top tips to design the space to accommodate this unique piece of technology?

TK: Make it a harmonious amalgamation of objects and pieces. The best part about QLED 8K is that you don’t have to make it the focal point. it can easily be a part of your interiors and yet stand out.

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