UK-based service HD Brows teams up with My Glamm

HD Brows, the UK-based eyebrow grooming service, launches in India. It’s the brainchild of London-based brow expert Nilam Holmes-Patel, who counts Emeli Sandé and Kylie Minogue among her clients and has earned the moniker “eyebrow queen”. It’s been introduced in association with My Glamm, a website which brings beauty services to your doorstep, and covers Mumbai and Pune. 

The 30-45 minute service involves face shape analysis, waxing / threading and brow tints. They’ve also introduced their range of products: Make Up by HD Brows, which includes eyebrow pencils, powders and brushes to help you achieve the ideal shape and colour. “I judge the bone structure to decide the final shape of the brows,” says Holmes-Patel, who has been in the business for over 20 years. “We also analyse your hair colour, thickness, what kind of make-up you wear and your personality and lifestyle to customise the experience.”

We got her to spill at least some of her secrets:

If you have a round face:

“Create a heightened arch to make your jawline look smaller and more defined.”

If you have a long nose:

“Keep your brows apart from each other to provide balance to your face shape.”

When filling your brows:

“The trick is to add colour around the brows in the empty areas rather than just on the brows for added definition. Always try and stick to your natural shape as it tends to be the most flattering to your face and is low maintenance.”

If you need a quick fix for strays:

“If you’re short on time and have extra hair growing, use a pencil first to shape them and tweeze around the edges. Don’t use a magnifying mirror because you’ll end up pulling out too much hair.”

If your brow quality is bringing you down:

“Look after your brows like you would look after your hair. Use a conditioner to set them in place and get a stylist to style them for you.”

Available starting December 21 via

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