Your ultimate guide to living it up in Paris Advertisement

Your ultimate guide to living it up in Paris

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By Reshma Rajiwdekar  September 27th, 2017

Behind the French capital’s poised, dignified exterior, beats a heart with a high threshold for living it up. Paris is still one of the world capitals of food and culture, but it’s now morphing into a city that’s keen on attracting another kind of traveller: the party-goer. Take a look at the crop of bars and clubs that are electrifying its nightlife.


Thankfully, it’s not that hard to find inventive cocktails in a country of devoted wine drinkers.

Le Syndicat1 copy
Le Syndicat

Le Syndicat is on a mission to promote French alcohols like calvados (apple brandy from Normandy). Stop by to learn as you drink.

Experimental Cocktail Club is a hidden bar with low-key lighting and a chichi vibe, where the art of cocktail-making is taken very seriously. Try the Tommy’s Margarita Especial — tequila with lime juice and organic agave honey, infused with Bourbon vanilla and cloves. Tel: +33 1 4508 8809


Whether you’re looking to listen to an unsigned indie band in an intimate setting. Paris or a Billboard-topper at a big venue, Paris has many options for live music.

Mme Arthur 0006 copie
Madame Arthur

Madame Arthur is a secret little cabaret in Montmartre, where trans performers sing covers of French pop songs. Come for the great costumes and dance; stay for the humour. Tel: +33140050810

La Mécanique Ondulatoire is an alternative rock bar with affordable drinks and cool performances. It’s the best in Paris for  grunge rock, with decor to match.

New Morning is for jazz lovers — they crowd into this hip, no-frills joint to drink and jive to the smooth music. It’s the quintessential club for those who are more intent on feeling the rhythm, than sitting in chic surroundings.

mama shelter paris 04
Mama Shelter

Mama Shelter is an urban refuge, with funky rooms designed by Philippe Starck, excellent food and a snazzy rooftop with a view.


For those who want to keep on going after the sun comes up, Paris has you covered.


Concrete is a boat docked on the Seine, and its all-day parties have an almost cult following. There’s no prettier way to greet the new day than by watching the sun rise from the top deck with a glass of champagne
for company.

Chez Carmen is super small and intimate. What sets it apart: the city’s most interesting people — artists, musicians, writers — often stumble in for a nightcap after hours of partying. Tel: +33 1 4236 4541

Le Moka Goncourt is a newcomer. With its Spartan wood furnishings and photo-framed walls, it is quaint and unpretentious — and fast becoming a late-night favourite. Tel:+33 1 4206 6151


French electronic music, with its disco influence and heavy filters, is one of the most popular subsets of electronica — and you’ve got to catch a gig.

Screen Shot 2017 08 11 at 1.40.45 PM copy
Rex Club

Rex Club is loved by techno fans, with its dark corners and psychedelic lighting. The club often sees DJs like Djebali and Le Loup spin live sets. Head here for foot-stomping beats.

La Machine du Moulin Rouge is all party, all the time — it’s got three dance floors, giving clubbers the chance to switch it up through the night. And let’s not forget the mind-blowing Alice In Wonderland-themed décor.