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Five Movies That Ace Designer Urvashi Kaur Wants You To Watch

Her roster is packed with musicals, fashion flicks and more

By Gargi Agrawal  December 8th, 2020

Keeping glocal fashion at the forefront of her synonymous label, fashion designer Urvashi Kaur steers hybrid expression at its best. With a design philosophy that helps her push the envelope and construct silhouettes that fit global tastes, her designs are undeniably modern yet rooted to the Indian sensibilities. Making use of heritage hand-woven, organic textiles and natural dyes, the work of Urvashi Kaur has been instrumental in reviving age-old techniques and classic Indian weaves.


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We reached out to the fashion designer and asked her to list out five movies that have inspired her work and personal life. Here’s everything that’s on her list:


“This is a beautiful, compelling, biographical film about the life and times of Manto. A vivid glimpse of Bombay in those times and its thriving cultural scene makes this a fascinating watch. The perspective of the protagonist’s wife Safiya is also skilfully woven in—adding depth to the narrative. The theme of partition and displacement runs through the film and these struggles remind me of stories I’ve heard growing up from my grandparents about that time in their lives,” shared the designer.

Coco Before Chanel

“Telling the story behind the icon’s personal life and struggles as she rose to the top, this movie gives us the story of Coco Chanel’s incredible vision and keen understanding of society as she builds her fashion empire. The idea of a woman finding success on her own terms, against all odds is inspiring to me,” said Urvashi Kaur.

The Danish Girl

“Eddie Redmayne portrays a complex character to perfection in this poignant film. The subject is sensitively handled and there are several tearjerker moments through the journey. Even though it was upsetting at parts, I’m fascinated by the fact that this is based on a true story. I’m proud to be an ally to the LGBTQIA community and this movie helped me understand the complex and difficult situations faced by the community,” she shared.


“This movie is basically now a permanent part of urban culture. The film turned John Travolta and Olivia Newton John into icons. The classic high school theme along with the fashion of that era make it iconic and it’s the perfect showcase of Americana. I love a good musical and I can watch this particular film over and over again. I know the soundtrack by heart!” said Urvashi.

A Single Man

“Tom Ford’s take on a simple yet complex series of events is both heart-breaking and strangely beautiful. This film showcases both Colin Firth and Julianne Moore’s incredible talent with intense performances. Visually perfect, the movie is styled and imagined so impeccably that it drew me in right from the first scene,” shared the designer.