Vaani Kapoor strips down (literally) for Ritu Kumar

Vaani Kapoor seems to have a fun life. Jet-setting from Paris to Dubai, often with a celebrity best bud in tow? All in a week’s work. Hitting the ramp in the hautest of couture as muse to designers like Ritu Kumar? But naturally. Stripping on camera? Wait, what?

It’s not an abrupt career shift we’re alluding to, but the Befikre actress’s latest video series for Ritu Kumar, titled Strip to Basics. Vaani proves to be surprisingly proficient at jumping on a bed while changing her clothes, moving seamlessly from wide-legged yoga pants to cotton dresses to the kind of washed-out culottes we can imagine wearing all weekend. Did we mention she manages to pull off this bouncy striptease without falling flat on her face? #Skills.

“This year, we were talking about the vivacious and bold approach the brand has taken, and we connected with a lot of people who portrayed the brand’s mood and personality,” says Ritu Kumar, explaining their choice of star. “Ashish Patil of Yash Raj Films is one of Amrish’s sounding boards, and he and Amrish together developed this association with Vaani.”

Watch: Vaani Kapoor ‘strips to basics’ for Ritu Kumar

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