Valentine’s Day gifts for men that are secretly for you

Ladies, we’re sure you love your man but let’s be honest, we all have a few complaints. It’s not your fault; blame it on the years of chick flicks. When was the last time someone chased you to the airport to make sure you don’t get on that plane? Or made you a home-cooked meal from scratch that wasn’t pasta? And would it kill him to shave before meeting your parents? Love is tricky and gifting when you’re in love can be even trickier. Hitting that sweet spot between want, need and got-to-have is a rare gifting phenomenon. So we took everything men love, broke them down into categories of how badly your type of man needs these in their life and then we threw in a little something for you. These Valentine’s Day gifts for men are sure to help your significant other reach peak boyfriend perfection. You’re welcome.  

Gifts for men that are secretly also for you

Good old fashioned PG 13 ‘necking’ never really goes out of style, neither does a little facial fuzz. Whether he’s sporting rugged stubble to a full-on beard and anything in between, be sure it’s going to cause some uhm… friction to your face. Let’s not mention all the stray food now calling his beard home. The Bombay Shaving Company does beard kits complete with everything you need to achieve optimised grooming perfection. There’s beard growth oil to help speed up the process, serum, shampoo and conditioner, shea butter and wax. Not only will it keep his hair soft and scented but it will also ensure no more bad hair days.

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But let’s assume his beard hair is under control or something that you’re already used to. It’s that comfortable phase in the relationship where neither one of you want to leave the bed, whether it’s to order food or sync your TV to your Netflix. We get it, we’ve all been there. Enter Amazon Echo, the affordable voice control assistant to help bring order to your relationship. Alexa is the other woman you didn’t know you needed in the bedroom. She can set alarms, play music, handle shopping lists, order food and even turn on any smart appliances you may have. This is the threesome you always fantasised about. 

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amazon echo

If you’re knee-deep in take out — everyone knows love makes people fat — then you may want to skip on encouraging couch potato behaviour. If you’ve kept your ear to the streets (style), you’ll know sneakers can make or break an outfit. Sure, these Adidas Neos look stylish but they were built for performance. The sleek shape and bright colour cleverly disguise the fact that these shoes were designed to whip his butt into shape. Who doesn’t love a tight torso?

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adidas sneakers

Even if his sartorial sense is on point, with the marathon that is wedding season, there are only so many pocket squares he can pull off the same blazer with. Besides, weddings are where people look their eligible best. So when you introduce your S/O to all the aunties, you best believe they’ll be judging what he’s wearing. Shantanu & Nikhil have taken the boring kurta and jacket and amped it up. With figure-flattering drapes and new colour combinations, their spring/summer 2018 line is a surefire item number. 

shantanu and nikhil

Now that he’s all spruced up, you may want to show him off. Or give him a chance to shower you with PDA, and no affection is more public than couple Instagram selfies. It lets other girls know he’s taken and also that your contour is on fleek. Oppo’s F5 was made for selfies, millennial tech gods be praised. The front camera boasts a ridiculous 20MP while the primary camera has 16MP. That’s more megapixels that most of the phones out there. Go ahead, strike a pose.

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oppo camera phone

After a long day of work who doesn’t want to get pampered and pamper the person they love? But mutual foot rubs can be exhausting for the giver. And if it’s him, you can bet his feet aren’t going to be fresh after being in shoes all day. Get a well-deserved break for the both of you by taking turns with his new foot massager, courtesy you. 

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His foot massager has left your hands free to explore other parts of his body, but maybe it’s time to mix things up in the bedroom. The Little Black Book Of Sex Positions features hundreds of sex positions he’ll be dying to try. He may think it’s his lucky hot streak but all that practice is bound to take his bedroom moves up a notch. An improved sex life is a gift for everyone. 

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Is he always late for date night or to pick you up? It’s not fair that you’re forced to be the only arm candy in his life. Daniel Wellington is all set to launch their high-street line of watches this month in India. Pick him up a piece so he knows when to not make you wait.

daniel wellington

Cologne. Designed to attract the opposite sex and keep your man smelling fresh for when it’s time to snuggle. Trust us ladies, this one’s for your senses. Boss Bottled by Hugo Boss makes a great case for bottled sex appeal. 

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boss bottled2

If you’re dating a thrill-seeker and are genuinely worried he might hurt himself while trying stunts on a bike, we may just have a solution. Get him an ATV that will help channel his road rage and also keep your mind at ease. Besides, they’re not allowed on city roads anyway.

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81sikIBxUaL. SL1500

Sometimes, we can’t help it we fall in love with insecure men. If your boyfriend is constantly blowing up your phone asking who you are and who you’re with but refuses to get out of his house and accompany you himself, this gift may help solve your problem. Doolaly membership, available at all beer branches across Mumbai so far at Rs 3,000 a year approx. It gets him 500ml of beer for the price of 300ml, every time. That means more boy’s nights, date nights and general merriment.

 07f98957c223d73b22767ffd1a887adc featured v2

Maybe, it’s the reverse problem. You’re tired of him going out partying every time it’s boy’s night. Get him a video game to focus his attention on instead. Something that will consume his time, encourage male bonding and still keep him away from nightclubs filled with girls who aren’t you. Your best bet for a sports fiend is FIFA ’18. Make sure you get it for the gaming console he has. 

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