From skincare to wellness: How to make the most of ingredients already in your kitchen

Former beauty editor-turned-blogger Vasudha Rai dived deep into the world of holistic beauty for her first book, Glow. Here, she tells us how to best harness the power of humble Indian ingredients

“Tulsi tea energises and calms the body, while the plant protects it against pollution and reduces the body’s toxic load.”

“Roasted Bengal gram is a great option for vegetarians to gain strength and build muscle. Eat it whole or drink a powdered version with water and jaggery.”

“Consuming this antioxidant with some fat and pepper (in the form of a curry) helps the body absorb its healing properties better.”

“Don’t think of this as an exotic superfood; it’s merely the drumsticks we eat in sambhar. Mix a spoonful of powdered moringa and wheatgrass with water, and drink it in the morning to make the body alkaline.”

“This herb makes a great skincare ingredient as it stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, and encourages new cell growth.”

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Glow: Indian Foods, Recipes And Rituals For Beauty, Inside And Out (Penguin India) is on stands now

Featured photograph: Irina Usova

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