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The world’s most vegetarian-friendly holiday destinations

So that your holiday diet isn't restricted to crackers and cheese

By ELLE team  May 31st, 2017

Finding a good vegetarian place while your friends post their fancy food-fies from steakhouses can be challenging enough on home turf. Factor in the language barrier while travelling abroad, and most vegetarians we know have listed finding decent food on vacation as a lost cause.

Just so you don’t force a crash diet upon yourself, we got our hands on the most vegetarian-friendly travel destinations in the world, thanks to a recent survey conducted by travel magnate Cox & Kings. Titled ‘Top vegetarian-friendly destinations and preferences of Indian vegetarian outbound travellers’, the survey concludes that access to vegetarian food can influence 71% of the decision-making process while choosing a destination. If you’re still in vacay mood, these 10 destinations will stand you in good stead.

10  vegetarian-friendly destinations for your next holiday

1. Dubai

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2. United Kingdom

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3. Singapore

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4. United States of America

5. Switzerland

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6. Malaysia

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7. Israel

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8. Thailand

9. Australia

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10. New Zealand

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How to holiday like a celebrity

Get dressed for your dream vacation with these fashion cues from your favourite celebrity. 

Fur parka

It’ll keep you warm and give your selfies some Insta-cred, even if you’re bulked up shapelessly down below. 

Statement sunnies

Reflectors are your one true ally in the war against the sun. Pink has emerged as the dominant colour of the season, and Alia Bhatt would like you to welcome the hue to your sunglasses case too. 

Fur beanie

Beanies can instantly give you a soulful edge, or envelop your visage depending on your face type. If you fall in the latter, opt for some fur detailing to keep things fun. 

Colour blocked sarongs

Because you need to look as good out of the water as you do in it. If all the summer florals are getting to you, treat your wraparounds and sarongs to some colour-blocking fun.  

For colder climates

Bulking up for low temperatures need not look as unappealing as it sounds. Kareena Kapoor Khan cinches her tone-on-tone tan ensemble together with a classic Chanel sling.

For a cruise

Katrina Kaif revived interest in crochet with her picture perfect honeymoon in Baar Baar Dekho. It can also double up as the perfect cover-up post a swimming sesh.

Denim never loses its versatility, so step off that zillion hour flight in a chic denim jacket. Thigh-high boots optional.

Statement jewellery

Have all the fun there is to be had with resort wear by teaming it with statement jewellery — Malaika Arora Khan can attest to the virtues of a chunky necklace. A Louis Vuitton head scarf never hurt anyone either.


Don’t be afraid to layer up for the day: Sonam Kapoor brilliantly plays around with all colours on the palette for her Dubai visits. Cinch it together with a statement handbag.

For the city

Keep pace with your sight-seeing itinerary in breezy shift dresses, and maybe a graphic cape dress or two for a more formal day out.

For the beach

Packing for the sun and the sand can seem like a no-brainer until you’re confronted with aisle after endless aisle of swimwear. Lisa Haydon makes a strong case for backless one-pieces, but Malaika Arora Khan may just convince you to go in for that fringe bikini.

Statement beach hats

The floppier, the better. Kresha Bajaj, founder of prêt label Koëcsh, knows the value of a good slogan hat. And your Instagram handle should too.