Viral beauty trend: Clown Contouring Advertisement

Viral beauty trend: Clown Contouring

The before and after pictures are shocking – you simply have to see her process

By ELLE team  July 20th, 2015

The Kardashian trick refuses to die. (No matter what they say about strobing.) The newest beauty trend to go viral is Clown Contouring.

It’s exactly like it sounds. (Watch the video above to see what we mean.) American make-up artist Bella DeLune was mocked by plenty of skeptics before she actually documented her technique on video and proved all her haters wrong.

“Even though you don’t need this amount of make-up to look or feel beautiful. Let’s face it, make-up is fun and it is a way of expressing yourself,” she says. And we agree. 

She doesn’t elaborate on the products she uses in her video, but she did list them in an Instagram post, should you want to give it a go.