Vivienne Westwood has launched a new campaign #MIrrorTheWorld Advertisement

Vivienne Westwood’s new #MirrorTheWorld campaign brings culture to the forefront

Artists all over the world unite…

By ELLE team  April 23rd, 2020

Vivienne Westwood’s new campaign #MirrorTheWorld puts a metaphorical ‘mirror’ at the world of culture, and showcase content created by artists, writers, poets, musicians, academics, and activists from all over the world on a digital platform. The aim is to empower the creative community and the audience by getting a taste of the best of the best of what creative minds have to offer.


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‘The most important philosophical question ever asked is “what is a good life?” A good life is one which mirrors the world. That means that you understand the world through art and culture. You understand the genius of the human race and you understand yourself in relation to it. You’re like a little tiny shard of mirror glass that’s exactly a copy of the whole world. You’re very beautiful because you understand the beauty of the world and you understand the human race and you want to do your best.’ -Vivienne Westwood, S/S 2016 Through a series of imagery, video and live streaming our #MIRRORTHEWORLD campaign collaborates with artists, writers, poets, musicians, academics and activists to create and share content – with the aim to support the creative community and to connect audiences to our culture, and the culture of others.

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To launch the #MirrorTheWorld Campaign, fine-art and fashion photographer Juergen Teller and Dovile Drizyte will share the books they are reading during isolation.

Make-up artist extraordinaire Isamaya Ffrench has created an exclusive DIY make-up tutorial video.

Some more collaborations for Vivienne Westwood’s #MirrorTheWorld include:

-Readings from Shakespeare’s Globe actors.

-Under #ArtLoversUnite, collaborators will deliver curated insights from global cultural institutions globally–the Wallace Collection museum in London will be once such collaborator.

-#TimeMachine will elaborate on Westwood’s seminal garments and moments with vignettes from writers and historians.

-#DIY tutorials will have the best of the best artists showcase their crafts for you to perfect at home.

-#WestwoodFM will bring the opera and orchestra to your home, and even have specials like Friday nights with the likes of musicians like Nina Kraviz.