This woman is using pole dancing to help people deal with their body issues

The body positivity movement has gotten the world talking and Blush’s latest video is another perfect voice for it. After having Shruti Haasan reclaim the word ‘bitch’¬†powerfully, Culture Machine’s Blush is now back with Aarifa’s story. Aarifa Bhinderwala, a Bohri Muslim woman, discovered pole dancing at a time when she was going through a severe bout of pre-menstrual depression and had several issues about accepting her own body. Amidst all the stigma surrounding pole dancing and its general association with stripping, Aarifa discovered just how freeing it can be. Aside from being an incredibly sexy form of dancing, pole dancing has been accepted as one of the most powerful and effective workout methods and has gained popularity around the world. Aarifa seeks to empower women through this highly strenuous yet deeply rewarding form of workout and have them accept their bodies and sexuality as it is. As Aarifa’s mother puts it, “If we’re going to talk about women empowerment, first let’s liberate ourselves.”

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