Watch Meghan Markle get the fright of her life in this adorable clip

So far, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have enjoyed a lovely trip to Australia. During their visit to Sydney earlier this week, the expectant parents were treated to gifts such as children’s UGGs and toy Kangaroos and met by adoring fans who wished the married couple well for their pregnancy.

Though, it appears their days of relaxed sight-seeing are over, with the students at Trinity Grammar School hell-bent on giving the 37 year-old Markle a near-heart attack…kind of.

meghan australia

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Now in Melbourne, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended a reception at Victoria’s Government House, which was exhibiting a number of school displays.

One such display, flanked by students, saw the trans-atlantic couple race 3D printed toy cars. As these cars took off, they omitted a burst of steam, which caught the former Suits star off guard, giving her a fright and causing her to burst out into giggles.

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She reportedly exclaimed, ‘I was not expecting that!’ and once the school boys offered her another go she replied, ‘No, thank you!’, fair enough.

The situation even got a giggle out of the Prince, who revelled in his wife’s shock.

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The couple have been so incredibly adorable on this trip, with fan videos popping up all over the internet of their cute, couple moments. We can’t get enough.



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