Watch now: Shift’s SS ’15 campaign Advertisement

Watch now: Shift’s SS ’15 campaign

Nimish Shah’s video makes the cruel Indian summer look good

Shift’s SS ’15 collection gave us easy separates and dresses to live in. And this new video made by photographer Colston Julian, featuring model Waluscha De Sousa, drives home the point. Designer Nimish Shah says, “I wanted the video to be very poetic; to look like it could be anywhere in the world, and ageless – communicate the spirit of the brand.” 

It was shot at Mumbai’s Sanjay Gandhi National Park, which is barely a jump away from Shah’s studio. (It’s been a regular fixture in Shah’s childhood though “it just doesn’t feel like Mumbai!” he adds.) They’d hoped to start filming at 5 am and wind up before 11 am (to capture the soft morning light). But the day had other plans for them. “We clearly over shot and finished at 6 pm. We were working on black rocks, which rapidly absorbed the heat, so we were practically being cooked. Any bottle of water would heat up in less than 5 minutes. It was physically challenging,” he remembers. But you wouldn’t gauge as much from De Sousa’s serene face in the video. “She was clam as a lake. Fatigue and sun didn’t seem to affect her expressions in the least,” says Shah. The rest of the team was less fortunate. They were all left dehydrated, bruised from sharp barks and with nasty tans. The silver lining? They left with a video that was exactly what they wanted.