Watch Shruti Haasan perfectly redefine the term ‘bitch’ Advertisement

Watch Shruti Haasan perfectly redefine the term ‘bitch’

“The bitch is a stud with boobs…”

It would not be amiss to say that all of us have been called a ‘bitch’ at least once in our lives. Whether it was by another girl who could not deal with your confidence or by a guy who couldn’t swallow that you might be better than him at something. The term has now become rooted in our vernacular and more often than not used to put down women. This makes Culture Machine’s latest collaboration with Shruti Haasan all the more relevant. Their latest video reclaims the word ‘bitch’ from being a derogatory insult to an empowering title. “It has come up in discussions and conversations with friends, and sometimes self-introspection, that why would someone call you that if you know what you want. So now when I have this platform through Culture Machine, I thought it is a great opportunity to string it all together,” said the actor on her decision to take on the project.

While there are a lot of lines that stand out in the video, the simple definition of the word ‘bitch’ as being ‘a verbal eye roll you make to classify any woman who is not your cup of tea because she refuses to pour it’ deserves a standing O for being so very real!

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