6 ways to get rid of negative energy in your home and body

We’ve all searched for ways to get rid of negative energy — whether in your living space, in your aura or your mind. Sometimes, it feels like the universe is working against you and you can’t catch a break… or your bearings. Those days when it feels like nothing is going right and everything you do is wrong. You’re in a funk, it happens.

Your energy is running low, you’re always tired and irritated. You want to do something productive but would honestly rather sleep it off and hope for the best. We get it.

But sometimes, it’s just about how you’re going about it, making larger-than-life plans without even being able to get out of bed in the morning. Failure is just as demotivating.

So why not start with the basics?

The simple self-preservation techniques that will hit reset on your spiritual clutter and help you to focus on what you want to achieve. We’ve put together simple ways to get rid of negative energy and cleanse your space, body and mind to allow the positivity and abundance to flow.

6 tried-and-tested ways to get rid of negative energy:

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Ways to get rid of negative energy in your body:

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Ways to get rid of negative energy your mind:

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