We asked a fine jeweller to decode the incredibly luxurious jewellery the Ambani women wore last night Advertisement

We asked a fine jeweller to decode the incredibly luxurious jewellery the Ambani women wore last night

Solitaire diamonds, white gold, rare pearls and more

By ELLE team  June 29th, 2018

At last night’s pre-engagement party, the Ambani women — Nita, Isha and Shloka — were decked out in the most glamorous designer couture. But all eyes were on their incredibly luxurious jewellery, all handmade by some of the biggest fine jewellers in the country. 
We asked jeweller Harshad Ajoomal to break down the styles and, of course, tell us how much each of these custom-made pieces would cost.

What are the styles that each of the women are wearing? 

Neeta Ambani chose a maang tikka, jhumka earrings, nath (nose ring) and haar, a type of necklace featuring traditional flat diamonds. The necklace is an interpretation of the “Saat Lara Haar” reminiscent of the style preferred by the Nizam of Hyderabad. The nose ring is typically of Rajasthan or Gujarat. 

Isha Ambani was seen in a typical modern Indian Victorian style with her diamond tikka, earrings with a small jhumka (umbrella) and a collar in white and rose gold, and full cut diamonds. She also wore a multi-line necklace of real diamond beads. Her cummerbund is made of huge solitaire diamonds that look like they are “old mine” cushion cut diamonds, set in platinum or white gold.

Shloka Ambani wore a typical jadau bridal necklace, which is now called as the Jodha or Akbar style. Flat diamonds & gold are linked together to cover the whole neckline. She paired it with large jhumkas, crescent maang tikka and traditional bangles in enamel and jadau.


Here’s what they are made of

Nita’s flat diamond solitaires and smaller flat diamonds are set in 22/24k gold with enamel touches and are strung in natural rare pearls.

Isha’s cummerbund is made using old mine cushion solitaires. Her neckpiece is made of white gold or platinum set with rose and full cut solitaires and diamond beads /briolettes. 

Shloka’s wearing flat uncut diamonds in jadau and enamel set in 22/24kt gold. 


How long did it take to craft these pieces?

Each piece of jewellery takes about three to five months to craft. This is without taking into account purchases of precious gems that are used to make them. For example, the natural pearls you see in Nita’s necklace take really long to collect or are bought from a vintage pearl dealer. 


How much do these pieces cost?

It’s difficult to quote the exact value without knowing the qualities used and calibrating the sizes. But here’s a loose quote range. 

Isha’s jewelry would vaguely be in the range of Rs 10 to 15 crore. That is without the cummerbund value, which will add up a few million dollars. Nita’s will most likely come up to Rs 2 to 4 crore, while Shloka’s jewellery would cost approximately Rs 2 to 3 crore (plus a premium if you buy real jewellery from a fashion designer like Sabyasachi).