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We found a face-oil that actually works for oily skin

By Tatiana Dias  April 11th, 2019

Oil with oily skin is a combination that doesn’t really go together, and my skin always seemed to agree. As someone who suffers from an acne-prone complexion, even the slightest drop of oil sends my skin spiralling down a red and painful path. The cycle was pretty much routine—try an oil-based product, if it caused a breakout (which it usually did), I would hand it over to someone else and move on to fixing my skin once again, sans disappointment. So, you can only imagine how surprised I was to find an oil that didn’t make it to the hand-me-down goodie bag.

L’Occitane Immortelle Reset Oil-In-Serum is one such oil that I have been incorporating into my skincare routine for the last two months—and I can assure you that it hasn’t made my skin feel heavy or greasy, let alone be the cause for any breakouts. Focussing on anti-ageing, as the name suggests, the formula has been designed to reset your skin, taking away the stress, pollution, and exhaustion instantly—and it does precisely that.

Infused with marjoram and the flower Immortelle (you can actually see the everlasting botanic floating inside the bottle), the oil-in-serum comes in a water-based gel formula—and that’s what makes it lightweight and apt for oily skin like mine. Unlike a lot of anti-ageing serums and oils, I noticed that the skin absorbs the formula instantly and, within seconds, any residual shine caused by it vanishes. The reason why I didn’t breakout, ironically, was because of the powerful antioxidants that are present in the oil extracts (yes, oil). Other than stimulating blood circulation and increasing collagen production, the antioxidants also protected my skin from free radicals, preventing it from any inflammation aka pimples.

I have been applying it for approximately two and a half months daily—morning and night. Following a strict CTM routine, I ensure that I use the product at least twice a day. In the morning I mix it in my regular gel moisturiser and top it off with a sunscreen, and in the night I use it by itself. Within the first two uses itself, I felt like my skin looked brighter and felt recharged. However, the true results came to light only after a month of me religiously applying it. My skin looked far more radiant, healthy, and less tired, while its texture appeared smoother and cleaner. And no breakouts!

While the product may be a splurge, it does provide results. Plus, if you only use a pump or two per application, it’ll last you for at least four to five months. 

Since most anti-ageing products can be really potent for oily skin (and skipping an anti-ageing skincare routine post 25 isn’t an option), the oil-in-serum adapts well to oily skin woes. 

Verdict: 4.5/5 stars