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We need to talk about GUCCIGHOST

The most exciting new collab from day one of Milan Fashion Week

By Megha Roy  February 25th, 2016

A week ago we wouldn’t blame you for not knowing Trevor “Trouble” Andrew, but after Gucci’s F/W ’16 show his name is everywhere. His alter ego, GUCCIGHOST, has been going viral over social media. Here’s a quick refresher: Andrew is a Brooklyn-based street artist, who’s been re-hashing the Gucci logo through his graffiti for years, and taking it to the streets – trash cans even. His collaboration with Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele was most unexpected, with bags sprayed with the words ‘Real Gucci’ and flaming orange jackets featuring a kitschy inverted GG logo. Here’s what you need to know:

1. GUCCIGHOST was born on Halloween!

Three years ago, Andrew found an old Gucci sheet in his studio. Struggling for a last minute costume idea, he cut out two eyeholes in the sheet and paraded the streets of Lower Manhattan wearing it. Curious bystanders called him “Gucci Ghost” as he walked past, and the name stuck. Ever since then, Andrew’s been using this beloved caricature for his artwork. Turn a corner in Brooklyn and you might find this high-fashion spectre staring at you from a wall or a trash can.


2. Trevor ‘Trouble’ Andrew is a multi-talented artist/skateboarder and music producer

Andrew’s talents go far beyond wielding a spray can. He is a semi-pro skater, and he produces music under the moniker Trouble Andrew too. Hear his first EP GUCCIGHOST below:

3. Alessandro Michele was actually impressed by GUCCIGHOST

Michele discovered Andrew’s art last year. You’d presume a heritage label like that would take offence, but Michele was enamoured by the concept and hit up Andrew to find out more. Of the collab, he told WWD, “Trevor’s language is authentic; Trevor is authentic. He lives in Brooklyn, he knows Gucci. The way he used the colour, the way he’s translating our power is real. I wanted to put [his work] into the collection to give this kind of language real life; it’s just another face of the brand.”


4. Michele was inspired by Sprouse x Louis Vuitton

Stephen Sprouse and Marc Jacobs’ collab made waves in the fashion world in 2001. This was the first time street inspired graffiti merged with high fashion. This meeting of the worlds called out to Michele, resulting in Gucci x Trouble Andrew.

5. The pieces are conversation starters

Gucci’s F/W ’16 show mined Michele’s love for historical references. Think Renaissance meets ’80s grunge. GUCCIGHOST’s pieces made their runway debut too –  double Gs were sprayed on to midi skirts, large leather totes were scrawled with “Real Gucci”, and a lavish orange intarsia coat was given street cred with graffiti too.