Everything you need to know about picking the right make-up for your wedding Advertisement

Everything you need to know about picking the right make-up for your wedding

Along with the coolest trends to try

By Trisha Chawla  September 20th, 2018

A wedding is one of the most important events in your life and chances are, you’ve made a lot of efforts and shelled out a ton of hard-earned cash to make the moment perfect. There’s the extravagant video and the carefully curated photo album that you obviously want to look your best in (as well as IRL). Finding a professional make-up artist who understands your needs and style should definitely make it to the top of your wedding planner. We got bridal make-up expert Cory Wallia, who also played juror for the ELLE Beauty Awards 2018, to reveal some pro tips to make sure you’re booking the right artist and staying on trend. Here’s what he had to say… 

Plan in advance
“Start planning your looks in advance and discuss them in-depth with your chosen artist. Make a list of every single thing you need for your big day. But remember, nothing can replace a happy and healthy skin, so take care of your health and eat right.”

Trust your artist
“Brides are always coming in with images they’ve seen online and trying to look like someone they don’t resemble remotely. They’re also constantly taking advice and suggestions from friends and family and seeking their approval. Just place your trust in your make-up artist.”

Know the trends
“Move away from supermatte lip colours and try creamy or glossy textures on your pout. Opt for less black on the eyes, and more of softer colours like deep bronze, browns, burgundies and magenta to add natural depth. Keep the blush minimal and the contour nude and natural.”

Find one to fit your personality
“If you’re sticking to a traditional style, opt for shimmery eyeshadow and defined kajal with red or pink lips. Keep the hair constructed and feminine. If you’re a minimalist, try soft-toned smokey eyes, light pink lips and a creamy blush in a shade that complements the lips. Keep the hair soft and carefully deconstructed with loose strands. For something completely out of the box, play with colours and textures and try avant garde flowers in the hair.”

Never forget the basics
“Make sure your artist is not skipping on the essentials like skin primers tailored to your skin type, lip primers to make sure lipstick lasts longer, waterproof mascara so it doesn’t leak if you cry and lash glue that stays put through the function.”