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How to do your own make-up on your wedding day

These simple tips will make you a pro

By ELLE team  November 1st, 2017

Every bride desires to look no less than a goddess on her wedding day — after all, it’s your day to shine. The entire look, right from the outfit and footwear to jewellery, hairstyle and make-up is slowly pieced together, like a puzzle falling into place. But if it’s going to cost you a bomb, you might want to re-consider hiring a professional hair and make-up artist and simply DIY-ing it. 

Whether you’re a novice or a self-proclaimed pro, these 9 tips by Tom Strohmetz, international trainer and make-up artist with BeYu, are foolproof and easy to comprehend. You can thank us later.

1. Invest in the essentials

“The key make-up items every bride-to-be should have are: a primer for the face, eyes and lips, strobing and contouring products, eyebrow-defining products like brow pencils, a foundation, a compact and lipsticks in different colours,” advises Tom.

2. Opt for waterproof make-up 

“For functions like the pheras, where you’re sitting in front of a fire or the reception where the lights are right on your face, your make-up can start cracking due to sweat. Using waterproof make-up can save you from an embarrassing situation,” Tom says.

3. Try the actual look beforehand

“Use the products several times before the actual wedding day — you will feel more confident when doing up your make-up on the big day,” says Tom.

4. Prep your skin the night before 

“Make-up goes hand-in-hand with good skin care — using a gentle exfoliator will prep your face including your lips the night before. Give it some extra moisture with a hydrating face mask,” Tom suggests.

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5. Always highlight your strengths

Tom’s tip is to highlight features of the face where the skin is clear and smooth. “Never highlight an area of the face where the skin is textured with acne scars, bumps, pimples, or has distractions like facial hair or discolouration. Highlight those features which are your strengths — your clear facial skin or your almond-shaped eyes,” he says.

6. Take your time

“Plan ahead and keep at least an hour aside for you to do your make-up to avoid last minute hassles.”

Your wedding make-up guide

The face

“After priming your face with a moisturiser and a base, apply a foundation. Make sure to take your time to blend it in properly, preferably with a sponge so that everything stays where it should. If you have dark circles, using a concealer will cover them up. The next step would be to contour, highlight, strobe and freshen up the complexion with a blush that suits your skin tone,” says Tom.

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The eyes

“Give your eyes some dimension with a darker shade for the crease and use the lightest shade for the inner corner of the eyes to make them sparkle. The eyes get that special expression with a long-lasting eyeliner and lots of mascara.”

The lips

“On the wedding day, it’s crucial that you use a long-lasting lip colour that does not require much attention during the whole day. Find colours that match with your dress and your skin,” says Tom.