Weekly forecast: What's in store for your love life, health and emotional state Advertisement

Weekly forecast: What’s in store for your love life, health and emotional state

Your guide to getting through November 6 to 12

By ELLE team  November 6th, 2017

The full moon we witnessed on November 4 has caused a shift in energies that is going to affect every zodiac sign. To help you make the most of this transit, we got spiritual guide and psychic Ashtar Tashi to pick out goddess guidance oracle cards to decode what’s in store for us in the coming week. 

“We have seven days of joy, starting today. We’re all souls having a human experience. So why should we get affected by day-to-day issues? These moments are not going to come back. Don’t waste your time cribbing or complaining. Just live in joy,” advises Ashtar.

Weekly forecast: November 6 – 12

Card 1: Maeve

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“Maeve, the goddess of cycles and rhythms, asks you to respect yourself, your emotions and moods. With the full moon at the cusp of waning, it may seem that you are getting over-emotional or worked up in situations that seem beyond your control. It’s okay. Just relax, take a deep breath and keep moving. Don’t let your emotions and mood swings get the better of you in any situation — at work or even in close relationships. Goddess Maeve is guiding you to watch out for any shifts that you feel in your consciousness. You may notice bad behaviour, mood swings, an uncomfortable feeling, not getting along with people; this is all a part of your growth and your transition process. Stay with it, and don’t resist it. The more you resist it, the more it’s going to attack you further.”

Card 2: Sekhmet


“The goddess of strength requests you to have faith that you do have the courage to face all situations. Yes, things may seem a little rough at times but please do not give up on yourself. Stay strong with the belief that you can handle whatever it is. You have innate strength within you to deal with it. And there is no harm seeking help when you need it. Asking for assistance is not a sign of weakness but of courage since you realise that you need it. Use it correctly at the right time. While going through this transition, you will have to stay strong with yourself. It’s not as difficult as it seems, so stay rock solid and strong.”

Card 3: Vesta

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“The goddess of home and family blesses you with precious moments of joy with your loved ones. This is the time to spend time with your close ones. Decorate your home or invite some friends over. Be in your comfort zone — that’s what Vesta wants for you. Value your relationships and don’t let your fears and emotions get the better of you. Stay equipoised, balanced and handle your home and relationships with love and mutual respect.”