Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

Your guide to navigating the third week of December

By Ashtar Tashi  December 17th, 2018

The month of December started with Mercury in retrograde bringing miscommunications at work and in your personal life. Now comes the sign of Sagittarius, making us generous of spirit and giving us the gifts of hope and faith. The sign of Sagittarius will run till December 21, after which Capricorn enters its phase. It’s also the first day of the Winter Solstice (this means the “sun stands still” in its yearly journey). This creates weather changes in the southern and northern hemisphere and the Solstice reminds us to take a serious look at life and also to prepare for any harshness that the winter may bring. It’s just a way of Mother Nature asking us to take review of what we have achieved. Read on to find out what your horoscope holds for you.

Your December horoscope is here:


Goddess Ishtar advises you to draw your boundaries this week. There is absolutely no need to go out of your way to please people. Stay close to your loved ones and stay secure. But do not allow anyone to take advantage of your niceness. This is the time to watch out for any foul play and be cautious about your belongings and your own safety. Allowing situations to get the better of you is a complete no-no. Stay calm in all situations and keeping your thoughts close to your chest would be a good idea. Boundaries are essential for us and sometimes trusting too much too soon is not so great after all. This week, stay in awareness of the lines you need to draw in all relationships.


Goddess Nemetona surrounds you with many blessings these seven days. Trust in the universal plan for you. Find your sacred space through any kind of prayer, meditations, chanting and anything else that makes you feel close to the divine. If you can travel then going to a place of pilgrim would be fruitful. Matters that have been pending resolution for a long time will now come to a close sooner than expected if you have been praying fervently for that to happen. Create a space in your home where you would like to light lamps or incense and invoke divine energies. Nemetona is easily pleased with just a kind prayer and creates magic for you, if called upon.


Goddess Mary Magdelene invokes feelings of compassion and forgiveness within your heart at this time. This season of festivities, feel generous in every way possible. Allow yourself to relieve yourself from the clutches of old anger and bitterness towards people and circumstances. Remember every experience has been your teacher and has brought more wisdom into your life. Appreciate the learning. Release judgments and free people from the clutches of your unspoken harshness. They may not even be aware of how they may have hurt you. A cord-cutting meditation done on full moon or using crystals like rose quartz to awaken love and forgiveness in your heart would be very beneficial to you this week.


Goddess Hathor asks you to only open your arms and allow all bounties of the world to fall into them. This week, you need to live every moment in gratitude and experience it to the fullest as the universe showers you with all that you could ask for. The blessings pour in and so do the lessons. Feel blessed for every gift received and every lesson learnt. Realise your worth and understand the larger reasons for events taking place in your life. Believe that you are deserving of all that is being gifted to you and take every breath with awareness and appreciation. It’s the season of giving and receiving and you need to open up your heart mind and soul for both.


Goddess Aphrodite wants you to enjoy yourself this week. Appreciate your goodness in more ways than one. Become aware of your special talents this week. Bring to fore the gifts you have and show off a little bit (Leos are natural at that, aren’t they!). Let the world see all that you can do. This week, preen as much as you want. You will be noticed for your flair and competence in everything. Join a new class to add to your repertoire of interests and learn a new craft. Show your skills at work and in your social life and don’t feel bad if some people seem to not notice. They could be just plain envious of your spark. Just get out there and shine this week and blind them all.


Goddess Aeracura gives the message of absolute blossoming to Aquarians this week. Keep a track on your moods this full moon. If you feel emotionally overwhelmed, then learn to take it easy and don’t over-react. This week, you get many opportunities to blossom and feel your best but your mood swings could get the better of you. Hence the above warning. Let go of all that ties you down to pain and mental stress. Be it relationships, be it too many responsibilities or anything else. Free the ties and don’t be bound down to things that slow you down. Relax and watch your own blossoming with joy. Silent witnessing of the self done now shall serve you well in the near future.


Goddess Kali chooses to be stern with you this week. She doesn’t let go of her stronghold on you and is adamant to make you change your stance. If you haven’t been following the path of self-love, this week you are being given another chance. Kali insists that you let go of what you have been holding on to. End what is not working for you and re-hash your priorities and the way you look at your own needs. If you choose to do that, the universe shall definitely support you in your endeavors so charge ahead without feeling guilty or lost.


Goddess White Tara guides you to become extra sensitive towards your personal needs. Watch yourself intently and understand what you need for yourself. Observe yourself and ask yourself what are your desires - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Once you know what you are looking for, work towards ways of bringing fulfillment to these areas of your life. Live in awareness so you can understand yourself. Seek help and advice for better judgment calls. Do not take yourself too lightly this week and believe that though you may look tough on the outside, you do have a gentler side that needs a bit of cuddles this winter like everyone else.


Goddess Mawu wants all Librans to ground themselves this week. Perfect timing with the winter solstice helps in this process. After taking the leap of faith last week, now it’s time for you to rest on your laurels for a few days. Rest as much as you can and catch up on your sleep. Eat nourishing meals and change your health regime to a more organic one. Connecting with Mother Nature and walking barefoot, meditations in labyrinths, hot soaks, etc, will help you ground your energies and stay well and energised.


Goddess Bast inspires you to stand on your own. Her message this week for Virgos is that of being independent. If you have been waiting for someone’s approval to take a stance on important matters, then you are wasting your time. Some views just don’t seem to match and you don’t need to keep waiting for them to do so either. Let go of ego struggles and stand up for your beliefs and stick by your word. Wavering from your position will only weaken your image and that’s the last thing you need right now.


Goddess Sekhmet blesses you with strength now. Being peaceful last week has probably given you time to reflect upon your life and work. Contemplation has helped you emerge as a stronger person understanding your own self better. This week is best for recognising your value and work towards your goals without doubting your self. You are perfect for what you do and this will be shown to you in more ways than one, in these 7 days.


Goddess Damara sends out blessings of care to you this week. Believe in your child-like innocence and feel light in your heart and mind. Resolve issues with parents and let go of any old grudges that you may be holding on to. This week, especially on Full Moon night, spend time in meditation and create new magic for yourself by writing down your wishes that you wish to manifest for yourself in 2019. Be like the child who is sending out a wish list to Santa Claus. And wait with joy and anticipation for the presents to be delivered.

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