Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

Your guide to navigating the second week of December

By Ashtar Tashi  December 9th, 2018

There are several times throughout this month that the Moon will be void during the night and early mornings. This will lead to enhanced sleep; that’s never a bad thing! Just FYI, these dates are December 10th, 15th 22nd, 24th, 26th, 28th and 30th. so set your alarms carefully!  

On these dates you also ought to be wary and conscious, especially while working with any machinery or driving. This period is very favorable for all healing work and meditations. Though this is a good time for reflections about your life (as all Moon Voids normally are), it isn’t advisable to start anything new or even learn anything new. It’s also important to look after your wallets, keys, watches and jewelry. Don’t leave them lying around.

Now, for your Horoscope Reading with the amazing Goddess Oracle:



Goddess Diana, is the Goddess of focused intent. This is the week for you dear Geminis to know what is it that you want and go after it. Your intentions are the key to gaining what you wish to achieve. Letting go of your insecurities and believing in your ability to face challenges is expected from you. Do not let anyone show you down or slow you down either. Focus on your goals and go after them with a vengeance knowing fully well that you will get what you want. Its your mind that needs to be conditioned toward achieving what you have set your heart on. Success awaits you but its dependent on how much hard work you are willing to put in and follow through all the steps so work is completed for your highest good. 


Goddess Ixchel is looking out for you lovely people this week where your health issues are concerned.She will need your support though which you can offer by actually taking steps to look after your own health. This means that if you have been suffering from any long standing issues of your physical, mental & emotional well-beingits time you paid attention to all of that and take steps to heal. Ask for medical and emotional counsel to take care of any bad habits that is harming your health and resolve in your mind that you have the inner strength to overcome these challenges. Health is wealth- this is what you must remember and do all that serves your wellness. Look deep within and ask yourself why have you allowed yourself to fall back on your interest in self-care and now make time to repair the damages that have been done. This week your health matters will keep you pre-occupied but all for the better since its high time you took up the responsibility to look after yourself with complete focus.


Goddess Eireen blesses all of you Scorpios with the gift of peace. Seek the peace and you shall find it. Meditate, pray, relax and know the truth within you that this week all you do, shall lead to peace. Even if the current situations are filled with challenges, have faith that this too shall pass. Your belief in the universal plan and divine will, shall create the magic of calm in your life. Its upto you to choose the peace for yourself and life around step towards that would be your choice to respond to situations rather than react. Willingly make a choice of remaining calm even in adverse situations. Be the source of joy for life all around you. Become the harbinger of love and laughter and create joy. Your work this week is all about being a peacemaker. Help friends and family reconcile and come together with understanding and love. When you are at peace with life and your self, you will be able to exude that energy for all around you. Enjoy this feeling of being light this week. 


Goddess Freyja is the energy of boldness who inspires you to become bold too, this week. Complete all the work that has been pending due to your own sense of laziness or procrastination. Let go of all fear of failure and allow yourself to believe in your own abilities to rise above your frailties. Realize your potential and ask for the right guidance so you stay on your path and not give up. Be willing to take risks and take the plunge to better decisions. Even if it’s something you haven’t done before don’t hesitate to do things differently this time around. It’s an opportunity to add value to all your efforts and see true results. Become fearless this week and watch your strengths take over your weaknesses. Be who you are truly meant to be.


Goddess Maat guides you this week and holds your hand giving you the assurance that whatever you are aiming to complete will be done. Stay focused and be fair to yourself. Don’t be harsh on yourself or others for what has transpired in your life in the recent times. Let it go and be ready to start afresh on a new note. Life has its own ways of dealing with the matters that worry us. So allow the universe to lead you to paths that will honor your desires and fulfill whatever you need at this moment of now. Do not go against the winds and stop resisting the changes and transformations. Allow changes to take place. 


Goddess Aine is going to give you a push this week to take a leap of faith and jump towards the next step higher in your life goals.Its up to you hen whether you choose to soar or plunge deeper into something that you have been following as pattern and becoming your own roadblock. So be witness to your mind this week and see where your faults lie. If you are feeling any kind of fear this is the time to ask for help and overcome this fear. Do not let your mind play tricks on you. Instead become the master of your mind and push it towards a direction that will help you soar. You are being given an opportunity to make your choices and you must use your free will to recognize what works for you and what doesn’t. The success you wish for in all areas of your life is dependent upon your will to get over your fears and anxieties of the future.


Goddess Green Tara urges all Leos out there to shed the weight of taking over too much responsibility. Its good to be leaders and take charge since that is your core trait. This week it wont hurt you to delegate your tasks to some other people who can share the work. It is advised that being the sole doer may actually take away from the final success of certain matters. Hence delegation is the key that will open up locks of unresolved issues. You do like to do everything yourself but this week work will shape up better for you if you are willing to share the load with someone you can trust. Believe that others too have capabilities of their own and will add value with their suggestions and actually help you achieve the results you desire if you can only delegate and have faith in them.


Goddess Vesta showers your home this week with her love. You can enjoy her blessings by creating your home and hearth into a haven of joy. This week brings to you an opportunity to repair your living spaces. Renovate, recharge and rejuvenate all that concerns your home life. De-clutter, cleanse and bless the energies. You can do this by “scrubbing” away all negativity through the practice of burning herbs like sage, thyme, peppermint and camphor and taking around the home. This shall take away all residues of illness, unhappiness, worries and anxieties that build up in our homes from time to time. Remove unhappiness by sharing food with the needy and bringing comfort to their lives. This will accrue good karmic energies for you and your family members. This week create blessings for others and you shall reap the rewards for your good deeds.


Goddess Kuan Yin is the one who elevates you beautiful Cancerians to another level of experiencing compassion. Being compassionate to self before anyone else is your gift to your life. You owe it to your soul to heal from within and only then you can open yourself to find love from outside. The act of giving and receiving has to be balanced. This week shower lots of love on yourself. Pamper yourself with all good things that make you smile. Accept graciously the gifts of love from those who wish to share them with you. The act of receiving is as beautiful as the act of giving. If you are in a relationship make amends if there is any discord. But do this without making compromises to your happiness. Feel complete within self without being dependent on others for your joys. Compromises are the bane of all relationships - love or otherwise. Keep this in mind but do not become a victim for the sake of making peace. This week look at everything with a point of view of only love and forgiveness but begin with self.


Goddess Sige inspires you to be in silence this week. With the moon being void it’s the perfect time for you to explore the vistas of meditations, self-care and self-awareness. Enjoy energies of crystals and warm soaks in water. Eat healthy organic meals and make the right choices in food and exercise that will enhance the quality of your life. The Goddess encourages you to experience calm through adequate sleep and rest. Add quality to your experiences through communicating with higher energies of the universe. You can achieve that through spending time with like-minded people who inspire you live happily. This week be encouraged to lead yourself through the magic paths of spiritual study and feel the grace descend upon you. 


Goddess Abundantia is blessing you with abundance this week. As her name suggests, she showers your life with an abundance of creativity, wealth of opportunities, good health and amazing choices to make changes to your life. What you do with such gifts is the choice you must make. Be sensible and take charge of your life. Follow the advice of the moon void shared above and make the most of the ample opportunities for self-refection that you shall be flooded with in this week. Use this time for adding value to your experiences by enjoying them to the fullest.


Goddess Brigit is the giver of self-confidence for my dear Piscean friends this week. How empowering it is to stand up for your beliefs and make people see your true worth is what she will help you with, right now. Anything that has been holding you back from speaking for yourself and sharing your truth will now have to fall away. Make place for the New You to stand in the front of the line. Stand up and speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. Support causes of social integrity that are close to your heart. Empower those who need to be stronger and that shall make you see your own power to help yourself. Whatever are your beliefs ,its time to give them a platform so others can be inspired by you as they watch you overcome your disabilities.  You owe this to yourself and those around you. Take charge and empower life itself!