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Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

Your guide to navigate the first week of December

By Ashtar Tashi  December 3rd, 2018

On the first day of December, mercury retrograde entered Scorpio. This means you should not enter into major business partnerships just yet. Make the moves for growth and investments on December 6 instead, which is a good day to be inspired and charge forward. You will be shown the right path by the new moon on December 07. You must seek inspiration for all spheres of life at this time and also find solutions to issues that bog you down. Find hope in all situations. But you can achieve this only if you rise above your small mindedness. Raise your consciousness, broaden your horizons and find hope in every thought, word and action. Read on to find out what your horoscope holds for you.

Your December horoscope is here:


Goddess Athena is asking you to trust your inner wisdom and intuitions this week. The situations and circumstances will turn in your favour only when you are brave enough to trust your higher instincts. Do not fear any thing. You are in these circumstances because your soul has chosen to learn from these very experiences. So believe in your higher self and trust your gut feeling. Repair damages of the months gone by, through self-awareness and don’t allow anything to shift your stance. You know what’s best for you. Trust yourself.


Goddess Lakshmi removes all obstacles from your path this week. She encourages you to start new conversations, make new plans, heal old relationships and bless your endeavors with faith. You only have to live in complete awareness this week, so that all good things keep coming towards you, and you don’t create blocks in the way of your good fortunes.


Goddess Isis makes you aware of some life truths this week. Certain behaviour patterns that have come in your way in the past are showing their ugly face again. It’s time to be a little more observant of what may be your faults. Instead of living in denial, it would help you heaps if you watch yourself and your frailties with a keener eye. You definitely don’t need to beat yourself up though. When patterns repeat themselves, they are only trying to make us aware of what we need to change. The new moon is a great time to start doing that. Promise yourself that you shall truly make the effort to become a new you.


Goddess Ostara wishes you all the success this first week of December 2018. All new projects that you have started are ready to expand. The hard work you put in this entire year is paying off and the trend is that of removing obstacles from your path. Believe in your fate and you shall shine.


Goddess Hathor is asking you to open your arms to receive. It is the season of gifting but you sometimes forget that just giving is not enough. You need to learn the art of receiving as well. So this week, life too will give you some lessons as gifts. Whatever happens, take it in your stride. All of it may not be pleasant but who said life is a bed of roses? Live in a state of gratitude for all your experiences and know that they have been learning curves.


Goddess Isolt sends you her blessings this week and lets you know that all your relationships shall be healed. If you have been holding grudges against friends, family, lovers and workmates, all of that shall be resolved. But nothing is magic, You need to learn to make it happen. So, don’t be harsh and watch your words. Keep jealousy at bay and allow new friendships to grow at their own pace.


Goddess Rhiannon promises you a week of manifestations. But this will happen only if you mind your tongue and allow others to participate by adding value to your efforts. Maintain diplomacy in all relationships and use the new moon energy to repair all that has been damaged in the past. Pick up old thread of tasks left incomplete and allow the universe to show you the way forward — toward manifestation of your dreams.


Goddess Maeve is sending you signs of change that you need to become sensitive to. Your mood swings and emotional upheavals are all bunched up this week. Yes, there is lot you have had to cope with this year. But soon, you shall be able to get back to what you consider normal. Use your time sensibly by going within and becoming one with yourself. Contemplate. Focus on your emotional health. Be kind to yourself and do not judge yourself or the world, too harshly. Acceptance will open the doors of destiny for better times, in the near future.


Goddess Saraswati blesses you this week by appreciating your talents and gifts. You must explore your horizons and start any new activity you have pushed to the back burner. Focus especially on your creativity. Remind yourself of the hobbies you’ve always had or new ones that you wish to now cultivate. Fulfill desires that make you see a new side of yourself. Add joy to the last month of 2018 by letting yourself flow with the tide of creative ideas.


Goddess Butterfly Maiden is joyously letting you know that this week is the week of ultimate transformation. The work put in by you in bringing about changes in your life will take you to the next level. Many beliefs that you have been holding on to about love, relationships, work ethics, etc, are being shattered to show you the truth. Yes, it might be painful but nothing beats the feeling of being able to fly free.


Goddess Aphrodite asks you to address your issues by putting yourself first. Regarding the relationships that have not been working out till now, despite all your efforts — maybe its time to put a stop to giving love and attention to those people. Just imagine if you had put all that hard work in loving your self. How great the results would have been by now? But it’s still not too late. This week, focus on loving yourself and appreciate yourself the way you miss being appreciated by others.


Goddess Artemis is holding you close this week, Arians. So bask in her attention as you find comfort in the knowledge that the last month of the year is starting on a good note. Show love and protect the interests of those close to you, just how the Universe is protecting you. Let go of fears about your future and feel the good energies flow through all aspects of life this week.