Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign Advertisement

Decoding your weekly horoscope, according to your zodiac sign

Your guide to navigate the third week of February

By Ashtar Tashi  February 18th, 2019

There’s a full moon on February 19 and this full moon in Virgo is the only Super Moon this year. It’s also called the Snow Moon. It is important for us to receive the full moon energies with calmness and grace. During the full moon period, which lasts for a total of five days, (two before the actual day, the full moon itself and two days after that), you shall experience enhanced vibrations of all feelings. If you choose to be manic about something, it shall get magnified and make you very hyper and sensitive. If you choose to be positively charged, then you shall achieve some amazing results for your efforts. If you decide to go negative with your thinking, or fearful, you will feel more anxious and worried for unexplained reasons. So during a full moon it is imperative for us to be in absolute state of positive consciousness.

Your weekly horoscope is here.


Goddess Butterfly Maiden appreciates all the work you have been doing on yourself. Making a transition is never easy but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t start the process. Release the fear of failure and look ahead into the future. Remind yourself that every butterfly was once a caterpillar. You will emerge from darkness only when you take that step forward and are willing to face your painful moments with grace because it’s the fire that will burn away your weaknesses to make you stronger. 


Goddess Vesta surrounds your home with good energies this week—the Full Moon supports your desires to make some changes to your living space. Enhance the beauty of your home/office by, even it's just by shifting around some artifacts or furniture. It will help in uplifting the energy. The Moon in this period is the best time for replanting the garden and potting some new plants. Any broken items must be discarded and repairs must be made to any appliances and equipment. In fact, even plumbing and civil work must be done this week. It’s the perfect time to elevate the energies of your surroundings.


Goddess Nemetona sends out blessings of hope and healing this full moon. Make the most of the good vibrations by spending time in prayer. Make time for meditation, especially in the open under the moon lit skies. Breathe in the energy of this moon and ask for all your worries and stresses to be taken away. Ask for balance in all areas of your life and recharge your batteries by bathing in this light. Release all unwanted elements of your life: pains, worries, anger, depression, fears and anxieties. Ask for divine intervention to aid in finding solutions for your problems. Chanting of powerful mantras will support your intents and give you powerful results. Keep the faith.



Goddess Eireen brings hope and happiness to your doorstep this full moon. Be in gratitude for all that is perfect in your life, hence inviting even more energies of grace. You shall enjoy an abundance of mental peace this week and the stresses of daily living shall seem to ease off a little. Try and make time to indulge in activities that relax you. Spend quality time with your loved ones and with children. Eat heartily and fulfill your desires for this week is all about being grateful and living in a calm space of knowing that all is well.



Goddess Brigit (Reversed) guides you to pay attention to whatever it is that you have been missing out on standing up for. A reversed card means that there is a block that you need to look at. So this week allow the full moon to shine a light on issues and challenges that have been making you feel lesser about your self. Take back your confidence, and make sure that you believe in your truth. Nobody understands you as well as you, so keep the faith. You are the master of your own destiny and will overcome your difficulties with your own inner power.


Goddess Artemis wishes all things good for you this week. Starting with the promise that all is good for you and your loved ones. You and they are being protected well. In case you are concerned about any new developments or unforeseen circumstances showing up, don’t stress; they will pass without doing any harm. Trust the universe with keeping your best in mind. Let go of worries and unnecessary thoughts that surround you. This week show gratitude for all that’s is going well for you, by doing a kind deed or two for people who have lesser means than your self.   


Goddess Sulis invites you to experience balance this week. Since water and its energies play a huge role in this lunar phase, you will find yourself being attracted to it more strongly than normal. Head out to spend time near water and invigorate your self at beaches and in swimming pools. If you like pampering yourself at spas, this week shall be perfect for you to indulge in such therapies. Keep a very sharp eye on your moods this week and watch out for any emotional upheavals and anger tantrums. If you observe your self getting a wee bit emotional, immediately do something to get out of that mood. Overreaction is normal at this time but since you are a water sign, you should be able to handle it easily.



Goddess Ostara supports you strongly this week in new endeavours. Whatever you have wanted to do, this is the week to go right out and make a beginning; stop procrastinating and jump right in. The full moon adds impetus and new energy to your dreams. Don’t let anything stop you from charging ahead. Instead, believe in yourself and your strengths.


Goddess Damara (Reversed) being a messenger of inner child healing but appearing reversed this week is a sure reminder for you to love yourself. You have been doing everything for others — it's now time to show some love to self. Release old hurts and heal the child within. Forgive people who have damaged your spirit. The full moon shall help you feel childlike and indulge in activities that release your stress. Spend time outdoors and play around to relax. Feel grateful for small joys and enjoy every moment to the fullest. You are blocking joyous energies by taking everything too seriously. Stress is a passing phase. It shall go by if you don’t dwell on it continuously. Heal your inner child by smiling and laughing a lot more. 



Goddess Athena shares wisdom and grace this week and encourages you to trust yourself. You have the knowledge and the power to deal with difficult situations. Look at your life at this current moment. Figure out which of your problems seem to be repetitive patterns. Those are matters that need your immediate attention. To find solutions, you need to trust your instincts at this time. You already know the answers but allow the light (curative energies of the full moon) to shine on the solutions to your problems. It may seem a little difficult at first to break away from the old ways of dealing with these issues but this week allow your inner wisdom and strength to empower you. You wont be disappointed.



Goddess Ishtar seeks to draw your attention to matters of the heart. Have you been feeling used lately? Are you allowing people to do what they like with your emotions and actually keeping quiet? It is important to keep the peace but not all the time. Confrontations are as essential to resolve matters, if the situation so demands. If people are taking advantage of your silence, this week, the full moon shall empower your mind and your communication skills to be able to speak up. Stop people from walking all over you and use your power to say what you know is right for you. Drawing boundaries for yourself and keeping your self safe from further damage is the need of the hour.



Goddess Maat shares great energies with you this full moon to grant you all that is fair and just. Situations at work and in your personal life that you may have been struggling with will now be resolved amicably. Any drama surrounding you will fall away and suddenly people will seem to become more understanding. There will be a feeling of fairness and you will enjoy support for your ideas from all around. If you have been sensing opposition for anything, make this week one of open discussions. People will become better listeners. They will open up to hear your views and that’s definitely a good sign. The full moon shall open doors that have been shut on you for a long time now. So don’t doubt your luck and go shine, knowing that justice is on your side. 


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