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What do models eat during Fashion Week?

Fashion Weeks are places where diets come to die. But this is what models stick to

By ELLE team  March 20th, 2015

Fashion Weeks can be cruel. If the heat, the delays, and the patchy networks aren’t frustrating enough, you also realise it’s a place where diets come to die. We caught up with models to ask them what their diet looks like:    

“It’s a really large spread at the buffet, so it’s hard not to eat your heart out. I start with fruits and quickly move over to pancakes.”

“We can’t stuff ourselves – you don’t want a sleepy model on the runway. So a little of everything goes a long way. I stick to salads, fruits and grilled chicken.”

“Honestly, crappy fatty food does it for me during fashion week. Butter and sugar overload. Followed by all sorts of detox regimes once the week is over.”

“I watch what I eat. Very closely. For breakfast it’s five to six glasses of juice accompanied by a handful of nuts and prunes. Lunch is a big hot bowl of soup and some grilled chicken.”

“Being a veggie, I’m pretty much restricted to fruits, nuts, and seeds. But my sweet tooth gets the best of me!”

Photographs: Shivaji Juvekar, Gulshan Sachdeva, Manasi Sawant (street style)Samir Rana (street style)