What Is Dopamine Dressing And Why Is It A Happy Trend

While most of the fashion trends focus on looking good, dopamine dressing is all about feeling good. After 2020, the world can use a sartorial direction that is based on our happy hormones. For some, this may mean wearing a tethered t-shirt with death punk lyrics – for others, it can translate to florals all year long. Recently, Victoria Beckham was spotted in an extreme colour-blocked look – yellow flared pants, red and black blouse with a green Bottega Veneta Arm candy. For someone whose style choices are generally understated, this particular selection aligned with fashion’s current euphoric memo.

Victoria Beckham in her own label 

‘People really use clothing as a tool to help them alleviate certain negative emotions, to improve their wellbeing. When you wear an outfit that makes you feel happy, you get a rush and that rush is linked to the chemical dopamine, which is released in the pre-frontal cortex,’ explained fashion psychologist Shakaila Forbes-Bell in an interview with Mail+.

Versace Spring/Summer 2021 

Contrary to popular opinion, dopamine dressing does not always mean strutting out on the street in acid yellow, Fanta orange, highlighter pink and glittering green. It is about interpreting fashion in a language that is personal to your source of joy. To break it down further, we’ve curated multiple ways in which celebrities have deciphered this trend (print, colour, silhouette, texture), while collating inspiration for you to experiment with the same.

The Brighter the Better 

Print Parade 

OTT Silhouettes And Textures 




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