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What Makes Mary-Kate And Ashley Olsen The Ultimate Pop-Culture Phenomenon

From Disney darlings to fashion's favourite fraternal twins - The Olsen Twins have come a long way!

By Ruman Baig  June 13th, 2021

As a ’90s kid, my first introduction to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen was through their films Passport To Paris and When In Rome. I remember watching these movies during my summer break and instantly wanting to imitate everything the twins did. After a lot of negotiation, I settled for a wardrobe upgrade with spaghetti tops, beaded necklaces and claw clips. My mother, however, drew the line at my demand for the French boys and a Europe trip.


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35-years later, the fixation on everything the Olsen sister’s do, hasn’t mellowed down one bit. It started with them making the audiences laugh as pint-sized toddlers in their debut show, to now, catapulting the consumers into buying everything they sell with a straight face and a side of mystery.


On their 35th Birthday, let’s trace back their journey in the spotlight and decode what keeps
them relevant, regardless of their few and far appearances.

Actors To Producers – All Under 10


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Did you know that Ashley and Mary-Kate began their acting careers when they were just six months old? Their first appearance on The Full House as Michelle Tanner was during a cross-over episode. After their growing popularity, the sister duo launched their production house at the age of 6. Under the Dualstar banner, 14 movies, three television shows, and a music video series was produced. They weren’t just silent partners in this venture, Mary-K and Ashley-O were attending board meeting while other kids were learning to scribble in their books. Talk about young achievers!

From Disney Movies To SNL


Hollywood’s favourite twins have starred in several films between 1987-2004. Even before they turned 18, they had a 17-year-long acting career. It was memorialised by a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. An honour received only by this pair of twins. After their long stint on screen, which ended with their film New York Minute, they bid their acting careers adieu following their last SNL appearance that year.

Films To Fashion


Even before launching their cult fashion brand Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen won the sartorial votes with their popular homeless-chic street style aesthetic. Born out of their resistance towards the chilly winters of New York, they became the ultimate fashion muse for those who loved mix-matched bohemian layering. Contradicting to their teenage years, as young adults, the sisters liked living on the down-low, outside of the public eye. Which, in hindsight, created more curiosity about them, so much so, there was an actual exhibit showcasing painted versions of the Olsen sisters hiding from the paparazzi in 2016.

The Row And So Much More


As a fashion enthusiast myself, I am not very indulgent about luxury items. But there’s one thing on my wishlist, and that is everything from The Row. Fun fact: When Ashley and Mary-Kate launched their label in 2007, they kept their identity hidden as they wanted the clothes to speak for themselves. Even the name they chose; was inspired by a street in London, Savile Row, famous for its menswear tailoring. It accurately matches the ethos of their brand, which is all about relaxed, luxe, androgynous clothing. In 2012, the creative team of two won their first CFDA award in the womenswear category. Since then, they’ve clean- swept four more CFDA awards. Accessory Designer of the Year, being the most recent. Apart from a very successful garment venture, they’ve also created best-selling perfumes under their sister company Elizabeth and James, named after their siblings.