What to eat when training for a marathon

You’re four weeks into your training and you’ve done everything from learning to run to training in the right kind of running gear. However, how you treat your inside is just as important as the outside. Our running coach and Adidas’ Running Club (Mumbai) captain, Ayesha Billimoria takes us through what you need to be sipping and munching on for optimum results.

Kickstart the am – Mornings are the best time to munch on fruits. Start your day with a banana, it not only gives you instant energy but also keeps you going through the day.

All day essentials – Fluids are as important as solids. Drink plenty of water everyday, not just prior to the race. Sipping Electral and lime or coconut water is also a good way to keep yourself hydrated.

Pre-training boost – Load up on carbohydrates or fat foods as they give you energy to cope with the physical exhaustion of the exercise. Foods like rice, pasta and potatoes are good sources of carbohydrates.

Post-workout – Proteins and fibrous foods are extremely important after your run as they do the job of muscle recovery and rebuilding. Eggs, dairy products like yoghurt and cheese, meats, leafy vegetables and pulses are important sources of protein. Eat dry fruits, nuts, green vegetables, fruits and oats for a dose of fibre.

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