What your favourite cocktail says about your sense of style

Every time you go out for cocktail hour, you spend ages standing in front of your wardrobe, asking that priceless question — “what should I wear?” Fret not, you aren’t alone. The thing about going out drinking is that it’s never just that — there’s always scope for a rendezvous with a stranger, and the occasional chance of bumping into your ex. So it’s no surprise that everybody wants to look no less than their best. In that vein, your favourite cocktail says a lot about your personality. The Jägerbomb, for example, is a winner with college students with enough energy to dance till the sun comes out. Connoisseur of the timeless martini? Experts suggest you know what you like and you don’t see any reason to overcomplicate it. 

Basis that, we drew up some of our season’s favourites for you to wear to your next night out (or night in).

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