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What your favourite cocktail says about your sense of style

So you know what to wear this Saturday night

By Ilina Luthra  January 23rd, 2018

Every time you go out for cocktail hour, you spend ages standing in front of your wardrobe, asking that priceless question — “what should I wear?” Fret not, you aren’t alone. The thing about going out drinking is that it’s never just that — there’s always scope for a rendezvous with a stranger, and the occasional chance of bumping into your ex. So it’s no surprise that everybody wants to look no less than their best. In that vein, your favourite cocktail says a lot about your personality. The Jägerbomb, for example, is a winner with college students with enough energy to dance till the sun comes out. Connoisseur of the timeless martini? Experts suggest you know what you like and you don’t see any reason to overcomplicate it. 

Basis that, we drew up some of our season’s favourites for you to wear to your next night out (or night in).


“Those who've heard the drink has 96 calories, is gluten-free and contains no sugar, are one of two types of vodka drinkers”, says Jared Brown, master distiller of Sipsmith. The other type, he says, are the ones who are connoisseurs of good vodka. Vodka cranberry drinkers just like to be able to see how much is left in the glass. Either way, you know your way around that drink and obviously stay in shape. 

DOLCE & GABBANA Floral-brocade bustier cropped top Rs 43,950

The best match for the vodka lover is a pair of high-waisted trousers to go with a sexy-as-hell bustier.

ZEUS + DIONE Aelous high-rise trousers Rs 34,715


Like this dangerously energising drink, you bring life to the party – and you’re never the first to head home. If this is your favourite order, you are most likely an ENFP personality type, which means you're free-spirited, energetic and compassionate. Not sure if that's you? Obama falls under the same category, so think twice.

TEMPERLEY LONDON Wide-leg sequin-embellished jumpsuit Rs 95,795

Sparkle in this Temperly jumpsuit and go on with the dancing for as long as you'd like.

PAUL ANDREW embellished slingback pumps $1,238

You need comfy heels for a night spent on your feet.

Dirty Martini

You can stomach your liquor, and you want everyone to know it. There is more logic behind your decisions than there is emotion, or so you like to believe. There's no judgement but you probably throw around the word "regale" more often than not. 

FENDI pussy bow dress $1,740

Keep your class, girl. This easy, sultry piece can take you through the night, in your element.

JACQUEMUS Dress with draped hem and strappy back $1,117

Maybe it's time to get your wild side out. This draped dress is all-out risqué and we're all for it.

Rum and Cola

It's a classic but it's nothing short of fun. "Rum and cola drinkers struggle to choose between a Hawaiian or bowling shirt for a night out," says an expert bartender. Get your dancing shoes on because you're probably going to need them.

VALENTINO Rockstud block-heel leather sandals Rs 45,100

Just in case you decide to get down and dirty on the dance floor, you'd much rather do it in comfort and style than anything else.

Long Island Iced Tea

Girl, you are ready to cut loose and wake up with no memories (and hopefully, no regrets). LIIT is the rainbow cocktail nobody really dislikes and the world has not witnessed a will strong enough to say "no" to a second and third and fourth and so on. You prefer to be spontaneous and flexible rather than planned and organised, which is why you need an easygoing outfit.

BALMAIN Button-embellished tweed mini skirt Rs 1,06,095

Button down your top and let these gold buttons on this day-to-night skirt steal the show.

Y / PROJECT Silk Double Layered Oversized Shirt $1,677

The wings on this shirt are all about the night you're looking forward to. Psst: the molten gold vibe is obviously helping our case.