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Where Elle’s editors are shopping right now

We're giving away our trade secrets

By ELLE team  June 28th, 2017

Ok, it’s safe to say that when it comes to shopping, Elle HQ has more than a few pros. Call it an occupational hazard. But since we firmly believe in spreading the love, we’re opening up our bag of tricks to reveal our favourite stores. Warning: this content is highly addictive. 

With a wardrobe ranging from indie gems to Christian Louboutin's coolest new arm candy, it's safe to say that Elle's Acting Editor Malini Banerji has no trouble finding clothes she loves. But if there's one store where she finds herself "getting lost for hours", it's at the Delhi HQ of Nicobar design studio.  

When Elle's Fashion Editor Rahul Vijay first stumbled upon a ‘sneakers only’ store in Stockholm, he wondered when the concept would be introduced in India. "For someone like me who has grown up wearing mostly sneakers with everything (I have often been asked to leave school because I wore black Adidas Originals  with my uniform), a sneaker-only store is equivalent to an IKEA." Apparently Anand Ahuja of Bhane had a similar thought, one that resulted in the opening of Veg/Non-Veg, India’s first sneaker store in New Delhi. "It’s pretty much where I spend most of my salary, adding every possible style to my collection. It’s cool, it’s hipster, the staff is super friendly and the bonus: a small ice-cream counter. After moving to Bombay, it's one of the few things I miss most about Delhi."


For Elle's Digital Editor Rochelle Pinto, indie fashion websites like Nete.in present a bottomless rabbit hole. She says, "I'm trying to spend my money on thoughtfully-made clothing instead of assembly-line products, and Nete's curation of designer labels always manages to delight. I rarely walk away without falling in love with at least 5 new pieces, that I then have to find a way to rationalise buying."      

"For those days when you can't even, SickPluto.com — founded by tech vlogger Farheen Ahmad — makes for a good coping mechanism. Middle finger emoji merchandise, rainbow weed leggings, Kim-oji panties, holographic backpacks and free candy with every order — what's not to love?" says Hasina Khatib, Features Writer (Digital)

Elle's Beauty Editor Mamta Mody has a confession to make. "More than anything else, I usually buy food online (a side-effect of the food tutorials I’m addicted to). Since I rarely find time to go to a store, it’s the perfect place to discover lesser-known brands, like Saucery.in that does great dips, Snackible.com for guilt-free cookies and TheButterNutCompany.com for healthy spreads. Then there’s the reliable ConsciousFood.com for staples I can’t find at my regular grocery store." 


Elle's Associate Editor Serena Menon suffers from a serious lack of luck when it comes to shopping. "It isn’t the cute I-find-nothing-I-love-unlucky. It’s more the everything-I-find-is-defective-or-not-in-my-size-unlucky. It's a task. A challenge—online or offline. The only website that hasn’t entirely put me off it yet is Asos, because it comes recommended and has sizes. For the other necessities, the Gods at Marks & Spencer and H&M have been kind so far. Obviously I have spoken too soon. (Or so I will find out when I visit them later this week.)"