The White Door India and VRTT Vintage team up to make sustainable fashion fun

The best way to take a break from a hectic workweek is with a spa day. The cherry on the top would be a spa experience that is as eco-friendly as it is luxurious. That’s why we were psyched when The White Door India, our favourite bespoke spa, collaborated with the eco-conscious luxury label VRTT Vintage for an event with an innovative approach towards sustainability. 

The event was held at The White Door India spa in Bandra West, Mumbai, where clients were treated to a relaxing nail spa sesh. The fresh nail kit that was used for the spa was then gifted to the client so that it can be later reused at home, or for their next visit. 

Interiors of The White Door

Sana Dhanani, the founder and managing director of The White Door India said, “Our aim is to alter the perception and the idea of smart consumerism and build more on conscious lifestyles with a focus on declutter and minimalism.”

According to the VRTT Vintage’s founders Diva Dhawan, Gabriella Demetriades and Hanna Stromgren Khan, the label is passionate about making a conscious effort to promote sustainability with pre-loved luxury goods. The founders tell us that the concept of pre-loved luxury goods has existed in India for a long time, with the tradition of passing down jewellery and garments as a legacy from generation to generation. “The idea is to offer an eco-friendly and zero waste solution to fashion,” said Hanna Stromgren Khan, the co-founder of VRTT Vintage.

Gabriella Demetriades, Diva Dhawan, and Hanna Stromgren Khan

After all, the best way to promote sustainability is to use something you already have, right?

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