Here’s why natural diamonds will always have permanent space in every fashionista’s wardrobe

Photograph (L-R): Jewellery courtesy CaratLane Jewellery, Begani Jewels, Kisna Diamond Jewellery

If you’re anything like us, you pride yourself on being known for a great sense of fashion, an aesthetic that you’ve carefully cultivated over the years. While we’re sure your wardrobe is already stocked with the season’s must-haves, we’re here to tell you what you can do to ensure your looks are memorable. The right jewellery makes all the difference in the world, and when the pieces in question comprise stunning natural diamonds, there’s little else a woman needs.

From the boardroom to the ballroom, diamond jewellery’s versatility lends itself to every situation and occasion. Gone are the days when women reserved real diamonds for celebrations or rare occasions. Each day can be exceptional when you have your prized and trusted accessories making sure you shine bright.

Wondering what makes natural diamonds so special? Natural diamonds were formed a billion years ago in the mantle of the earth, under extraordinary circumstances facing intense heat and pressure. They are the strongest naturally-occurring substances in the world. Even the youngest of diamonds was born millions of years ago! Every single natural diamond is one-of-a-kind, just like snowflakes or fingerprints, and so when you wear a diamond, you are adorning something as unique as you are.

Photograph: Jewellery courtesy Zoya Jewels

This miracle of nature can be incorporated in your wardrobe in multiple, fashionable ways. For the girl-on-the-go, here’s how to nail everyday casual wear: Team showstopping diamond earrings with a bodycon dress or go minimal with a quirky jumpsuit and a studded table-cut ring. At work, you can redefine power dressing by pairing a crisp white shirt and pencil trousers with a bejewelled bracelet. When you’re stepping out for a date in the evening, channel your inner goddess by opting for an off-shoulder ruffle dress and a magnificent round brilliant-cut diamond necklace. You can also go all out with a flow-y dress and a pair of real radiant-cut diamond studs and choker for the perfect date night look. If you’re headed on a vacay, explore a new city in a dainty multi-strand single-cut diamond necklace, worn against a V-neck top and cigarette pants, or a retro-inspired turtleneck and jeans.

In the mood for something traditional? Fret not, natural diamonds have got your back for all those times when you want to make heads turn in ethnic wear. A natural diamond necklace adds a royal touch to all kinds of heirloom saris—whether it is your mum’s beautiful Benarasi or your grandma’s Kanjeevaram. If your sari is high on embellishment or embroidery, keep your jewellery minimal by sporting just a chunky natural emerald-cut diamond ring. When donning a lehenga or sharara, keep it classy by accessorising your outfit with some point-cut natural diamond bangles and drop earrings encrusted with natural diamonds.

Photograph: Jewellery courtesy Ghanasingh Mahesh

Diamonds are also super versatile—regardless of whether you prefer the natural diamonds to be set in gold, platinum or silver, they are the hero of the pieces. What’s more, contemporary fashion silhouettes and sensibilities are just perfect for flaunting natural diamonds. Pair your casual as well as traditional outfits with elegant fine natural diamond jewellery and get used to receiving compliments for your fine taste in fashion—they’re bound to come your way everywhere you go!

Besides, your valuable natural diamond jewellery double up as great investments and make worthy heirlooms. The heritage jewels can be passed down through generations for their sentimental value. By making diamond pieces a part of your life’s important milestones, be it your wedding or a precious gift that celebrates the birth of your child, they become more than just accessories. They have a special story to tell and legacy to preserve.

Simply put, natural diamonds  reflect your style, personality and way of life. They stand for being true to yourself, for always keeping it real, and putting your best foot forward. After all, when you’re so special and real, why shouldn’t your jewellery be?

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