How to pick the right running shoes

Since we started our half-marathon prep three weeks ago, we’ve learned to run right, discovered calf muscles we never knew we had and stepped up our prep by that extra mile. This week, our running coach and Adidas’ Running Club (Mumbai) captain, Ayesha Billimoria fills us in on how to gear up for a long run. Here’s what you need to keep in mind:

– If you plan to run you need to invest in a good pair of shoes, there’s no other way around it. Running shoes are made for linear motion with a mid-sole tailored for taking the impact, which is up to eight times your body weight! If you’ve used your shoes regularly for over a year it’s time to buy a new pair.

– Your shoes should be exactly your size, with about half an inch gap between the highest point of your foot and the inside of your shoe. If you’re buying a new pair, it’s best to it in the evening as feet tend to swell throughout the day. Test out a new pair by walking around in the store for 10 minutes to judge how they feel on your feet. 

– If you’re flat-footed, try stability shoes. These shoes provide artificial support through a physically-embedded insert that mimics the role of the foot’s arch and avoids an inward roll while running.

– Don’t ignore your socks. Make sure they’re made of breathable fabric so that they don’t give you blisters when running long distances.

– In terms of clothing, pick a fabric that’s lightweight and dries quickly to control the moisture given out by your body. Adidas’ Climachill range is made of a super-cooling titanium flat yarn that doesn’t let heat latch on to your body. Also, make sure you wear fitted clothing so that it absorbs moisture easily.

– Nothing is more important than getting a sports bra that fits right. Most stores offer bras depending on the intensity of your workout and in various sizes. Just like you would at a lingerie shop, get yourself fit by a staff member for optimum support.

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