Why women love Amy Schumer

You can barely complete a thumb scroll on Twitter without reading about a SCREAMING BRILLIANT new Amy Schumer sketch. The 33-year-old comedian is blazing across timelines with every new parody on Inside Amy Schumer’s third season (there’s already been a vigorous head nod from Comedy Central for a fourth leg). This year, Schumer even made it to the Time 100 Gala, a celebration of the most influential people on the planet, landing face-down on the red carpet, close enough to catch a whiff of Kimye feet. If you still haven’t sampled Schumer’s irreverent comedy, this is why you need to stream it now:

Reason #1: She’ll have you laughing all the way to the…
Great Feminism Debate. Just when you thought you’d settle in a quiet corner and tune out the urgent f-word exchanges with some mind-numbing slapstick comedy, Schumer leads you right back. Like the time you tagged along for an innocent picnic with Tina Fey, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Patricia Arquette to celebrate Fey’s ‘Last Fuc*able Day’. Five minutes and a few belches later, the gag’s over. Now those nagging ageism worries are yours forever.

Reason #2: She’s holding up a funhouse mirror
In her super-stretched behaviour sketches, you can’t escape a glimpse of reality. Are you one of the girlfriends dodging compliments and self-inflicting body-shame at a Sunday brunch? Or the strictly no-complaints ‘chick who can hang’ with the boys? Or the starry-eyed fangirl buying into the over-worn cool-sexy-relatable routine at a Tonight show interview?

Reason #3: She’s a friend of a friend
Maybe you find Schumer’s #nofilter humour a little grating, lacking the observational genius of Louis CK, or the pitch-perfect delivery of Melissa McCarthy. But you will bump into her constantly. You might be sharing desk space with a colleague who can’t stop streaming Schumer’s music video parody ‘Milk, Milk Lemonade’, you might find ‘turd-cutter’ makes a fine word replacement for the overused ‘booty’, and you might Google the nasty video just one more time. Only to tell your friends how absurd it all is.

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