Why you should be wearing: Toga Advertisement

Why you should be wearing: Toga

The label gets major points for its expression of nonchalant cool

By Alisha Netalkar  August 12th, 2015

Yasuko Furuta launched Toga in 1997 after graduating from ESMOD, in Paris. After rooting itself in her hometown Tokyo, the brand went on to show its collections in Paris and at London Fashion Week. The essence of Toga lies in its complex expression of feminine elegance, coupled with experimental fabric innovation. The result? An exciting mix of urban street and avant-garde sensibilities.

Everything goes

For the Fall/Winter 2015-16 line, Toga went on to explore functionality in a cultural context of sorts. What caught our eye was the sash-type sling that accompanied outerwear, lending it a flowing, free-spirited ’70s vibe. Furuta maintains a consistent vein of minimalistic Eastern aesthetics in her clothes, but this is undercut with potent doses of youthful urbanity—basically, there’s something here for everyone! 

Major feels

The USP of Toga lies in its use of textures, from light and dreamy to rough and coarse. Furuta aims to tell stories through the way she teams seemingly contradictory fabrics to form a cohesive narrative. The hidden complexity is conveyed through drapes (toga means ‘blessed robe’), unexpected pleats and raw edges.

Chaos theory

Intricate detailing, juxtaposition of volume with form-fitting silhouettes and unexpected patterns, all form the core of Furuta’s work. “I create for a complex woman who can only live in chaos,” she says, to describe the spirit of her designs. She approaches deconstruction with almost childlike enthusiasm and fearlessness.

Branching out

While Toga Archives is the more experimental main line, the brand also puts out a casual diffusion line by the name of Toga Pulla, which offers options that are a little easier on the pocket. This line also includes accessories in vintage-y designs, all expressed with a love for texture and detail, and the designer’s signature lack of creative inhibition.

Toga retails at Matchesfashion.comNet-a-porter.com and Lanecrawford.com

Photographs: Imaxtree.com/Alessandro Lucioni, Toga.jp