Why you won’t ever find Kareena on social media

Just because you’re tough enough to face criticism doesn’t mean you have to subject yourself to it all the time. And that lies at the core of Kareena’s philosophy for staying away from social media. It’s a shame, because she has a personality — and a strong selfie game — made for Instagram.

“Social media is like a drug: if you have five million followers, you want to get to 10, then 15 — it’s never enough. Then, there’s so much scrutiny online and everyone has to have an opinion on everything. I’m a private person and I’m happier to be out of it.”

Her social media blackout hasn’t made her immune to the haters but, with time, she has developed a thick skin. “Everyone should do what makes them happy; if tearing someone else down brings you happiness, you should do that,” she quips.

Offline too, Kareena is picky about the company she keeps. “I’m not too much in the Bollywood circles. It’s like, I’m there but I’m not all there; I’m close but I’m not that close. It’s nice to be a little balanced in a profession like this.” 

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