Your pre-game prayers have been answered, wine and blowdries are now a thing Advertisement

Your pre-game prayers have been answered, wine and blowdries are now a thing

We're shook, not stirred

By Simone Dhondy  December 7th, 2017

Cancel whatever Sex In The City-theme girls’ night out you had planned. If it’s not getting your hair done, nails done and everything did while sipping on alcohol, is it even worth wearing heels for? It’s not. We have reached the peak of human multitasking — getting pampered while getting plastered. Blowdry bars are now a thing. A happy place where bottles of hairspray co-exist peacefully with bottles of wine.

We’ll drink to that. 

That’s right, there’s a place where you can go to get your hair done and get drinks, at the same time. The ultimate pre-game. Getting ready while getting tipsy, revolutionary. It’s going to cut your pre-going out ritual time in half.

Gather the girls, head straight to Blown in Bengaluru. Is it still a salon? Saloon? We’re not sure anymore. All we know is that now the choice of getting ready in time and getting to the pregame in time has become one convenient no-brainer. It’s where you need to start the bachelorette with your bride tribe. Get your nails done and take pictures of your engagement ring. Make your husband wait at the bar while you get your hair done, no more of his complaints on how long you take to get ready. You do you, girl. 

Order anything you want off the menu. Straight hair, wavy hair, updos, braids, a wine pitcher, make-up, whatever. See what your lipstick looks like on your wine glass. Numb yourself to the pain of threading with a French wine, classy. Or just kill the marathon that is cysteine with a cheese platter break, delish. 

There’s even vegan wine for that one friend who you can never figure out where to go out with. She’s going to cancel that holistic yoga retreat, this is the only rejuvenating therapy she needs now. 

Plan your next girls’ night out in Bengaluru here.

These are the salons loved by your favourite celebrity

Karisma Kapoor, Jean-Claude Biguine, Bandra

While Kareena pretty much lives at Muah Salon, her sister Karisma heads over to Jean-Claude Biguine at Pali Naka in Bandra. A haircut at JCB will set you back by approximately Rs 2,500 with a Style Director, but if you want a cut and blow dry from the salon's Creative Director, that's going to be Rs 3,600 plus taxes. Good luck getting an appointment with him, he only works weekdays between 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm as he's always on shoot, not to mention you need to lock the appointment down 4-5 days prior.

Amrita and Malaika Arora, Freeda, Bandra

Rumour has it that Malaika doesn't ever wash her hair herself. The Bollywood bombshell trusts Freeda in Bandra with her tresses. While Amrita is often spotted at Freeda, she sometimes also heads over to Muah after a yoga session with her bff Kareena. That's roughly a bill of Rs 1,200 for a cut and blowdry and Rs 500 for each set of nails. 

Muah, Bandra

Forget about the red carpet, Bollywood's leading ladies prefer the red turf outside Muah salon. That's Kajol, Malaika, Chitrangadha and Kareena all heading out after some weekday pampering. We bet they all have head stylist, Nandini, on speed dial. A haircut with the head stylist will set you back by Rs 2,680 with a wash.


That's Shraddha Kapoor, Alia Bhatt and Yami Gautam walking out of BBunt in Bandra. BBlunt seems to be the millennial actress's salon of preference. The Senior Salon Director costs Rs 2,400 for a wash and cut. But the real kicker here is the nail spa bar offering gel nails at Rs 1,500 and nail extensions at Rs 2,500.

Kromakay, Juhu

Twinkle Khanna has been spotted at Kromakay checking her Rs 3,000 haircut out in natural light. And even Shilpa's son knows that the parlour visit with mommy is worth the Rs 800 blowdry.