Woman discovers a stranger has been recreating her Instagram photos for almost 2 years Advertisement

Woman discovers a stranger has been recreating her Instagram photos for almost 2 years

They were identical, right down to the caption

By Alyssa Bailey  November 23rd, 2018

Here’s a tale that’s so twisted it could be a Lifetime movie: the Daily Record and Daily Mail are reporting that a 21-year-old Scottish college student, Chloe Cowan, recently discovered a fellow undergraduate student at her school had been copying her Instagram photos for almost two years.

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According to the Daily Record, the woman would allegedly recreate Cowan’s posts within hours of Cowan publishing them: clothing, caption, and pose would be identical. (Her Instagram name was even modeled off of Cowan’s, @chloecowan17xo. Basra has deleted her account; Cowan’s is private.)

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Cowan’s sister Linzi posted about the incident on Facebook and shared 40 photos of the copying to “let people know the dangers of social media.” Linzi took the post down this afternoon as the story started getting media pickup, but the Daily Record took a screenshot of some of what she wrote, and the Daily Mail took screenshots of the matching Instagrams. You can see more at Daily Mail here.

Linzi wrote, per Daily Record, that the woman “has been reenacting her [Chloe’s] life on Instagram for almost two years. The girl’s stalking behavior is to the extreme of reenacting videos of a photo album that Chloe posted of my dad who passed away (gives me the shivers when I think about it.)”

And it gets more disturbing, because according to Linzi’s Facebook post, “this girl doesn’t follow my sister on social media and has made a fake account to stalk her without her knowing….Imitation is flattering but this is just too far.”

The Daily Record reports that Linzi claimed they informed the police about the woman (Police Scotland were unable to confirm this to the outlet). A university spokesperson at the girls’ university confirmed to the Daily Record that they were investigating the incident.