Women like their best friends more than their husband, according to a new study Advertisement

Women like their best friends more than their husband, according to a new study

If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends

By ELLE team  April 11th, 2018

Remember playing ‘wedding-wedding’ when you were a kid? When you and your bestie would take turns dressing up as the bride and groom, in the hope of having a happily ever after? 

Well, it would seem that pre-pubescent you had the right idea. Because even though you may have found your life partner, a new study, conducted by spa and healthcare company Champneys, discovered that women actually like their best friends more than their husbands. Finally, someone said it out loud!

But hey, it makes perfect sense. Your best friend is always down for a rom-com-athon, she always gives you fashion advice, and she takes just as long as you do to get ready. The survey asked 1,517 women in the UK who they were closer to, and just over 50 per cent said it was their best friend, as opposed to the person they married. 

The reason? Because most women found that they could tell their bestie anything and everything. This revelation was followed by the (astute)  observation that women were better listeners than men. Other reasons why the best friend beat out the husband, were because women said they had more fun with their bestie than their significant other. Women also (not surprisingly) said they have more in common with their BFF and that their bestie was “less irritating”.

The spa took the survey after realising that more groups of women were coming in for spa days together, rather than couples. Well, we know first-hand that there are certain things women tend to divulge during a mani-pedi session that men should never hear.

Go ahead, text your bestie this link.