Women prefer to wear masculine fragrances, new research finds

Sweet, floral fragrances feature in the perfume wardrobes of women the world over, but a new survey says we’re no longer opting for traditionally feminine scents.

According to new research conducted by Showerstoyou.co.uk and Fragrantica, in 2017, we’re much more attracted to scents that are considered masculine. Think the heady notes of Tom Ford’s Black Orchid or Jo Malone’s Saffron.

After collating the favourite fragrances of 66,000 participants, the researchers found that 70 per cent of women’s top-voted perfumes featured masculine, woody or spicy notes.

Fifty five per cent of women considered masculine notes as integral to their signature scent, and 63 per cent of males said they favour the smell of a heady fragrance on a woman.

Which scents are women spritzing on the most? From a survey of 44,904 consumers, these ten came out on top.

Check them out:

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