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How to get the stink out of your workout clothes

Top notes of armpit with a base scent of sweaty locker room

By Hasina Khatib  February 9th, 2017

If working out wasn’t taxing enough, there’s the added joy of dealing with rotten clothes afterwards as a thank you gift for giving up your relaxed Saturday morning. Try dumping it at the bottom of your car, and you’ll be rewarded with everyone giving you a football-field-wide berth at the gym.

So why exactly do my clothes smell like fermented dung?

Bacteria. Sweet little bacteria have taken up residence in your clothes even before you’ve hit stop on the treadmill. And most over-the-counter detergents aren’t equipped to successfully get them out. Couple this with synthetic workout gear, and you’re looking at Odour Central.  

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What do I do?

…apart from dripping a trail of sweat as you race to quit the gym, of course. If you can’t be bothered to rinse your sweaty gear out, head to the shower with your clothes on and wring them dry after. Attending to the bacteria before it settles in is key.

Root about in the pantry and treat your clothes with baking soda in the washing machine to cleanse them thoroughly. Soaking clothes in cold water with one cup of white vinegar should help get the last of the nasty smell out.

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And what do I not do?

The knee jerk reaction to cleansing out stench is to drown it in detergent. Fun fact: fabric softeners and detergents leave a waxy coating behind that traps the scent in. Further, it breaks down the elasticity of materials like lycra and spandex. 

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