We tried the workout routine that helps you lose 700 calories in an hour

If you’re haunted by the monotony of walking on a treadmill, here’s how you can get fit and actually have fun while exercising. Crank up your workout routine at Kinetic Living, Mumbai, by getting on board with the latest fitness trend which involves channelling your inner child. Basically, you work out on a mini trampoline. Powerhouse instructor and founder, Urmi Kothari, begins the high energy HIIT session with a warm up, and breaks into a series of calorie-busting moves like twists, squats, ab sets and boxer punches, all the while jumping on a trampoline. The ELLE team tried their hand at it, and here’s why it’s everyone’s new favourite workout:

It keeps you alert

“I usually prefer low intensity sessions, so this trampoline workout was super challenging. It started off with an intense warm up, then moved on to a leg workout that tests your balance and core strength, and ended with an upper body and ab blast. Constantly bouncing (even while cool downs) kept my heart rate up and each set had different variations to keep the body alert. I didn’t feel the impact [of jumping] on my knees and while my body felt sore at the end, I woke up with a fresh burst of energy the next day.”
– Trisha Chawla, beauty writer

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It’s a full body workout

“It is so easy to get lost in childhood nostalgia during Urmi’s trampoline session that you don’t realise how much you are working every muscle. What you absolutely don’t anticipate is the fact that you will not be able to walk the next day, owing to soreness. And that is when you decide you want to keep going back for more. When I walked into the class initially, I expected my lower body to be thoroughly exercised. However, it is an absolute full body workout that especially strengthens your core.”
– Divya Gursahani, junior fashion stylist

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It’s easy to learn

“Whenever you try something new, the thought of failure always scares you. What if you mess up? What if you don’t get it right? Jumping on a trampoline, however, requires no formal education in how to nail the workout. After all, how can you go wrong about bouncing up and down? The trampoline does half the work for you — and all you have to do is let your hair loose, let go of your inhibitions and simply have fun. Once you try it, you’re never going to step on a treadmill again.”
– Shweta Gandhi, senior digital writer

Sign up for the workout at Kinetic Living, Mumbai. Their brand new studio lets you get in on a super cool plan where you can sign up for unlimited classes — think yoga, animal flow and HIIT — so you’re always switching it up with your workout and also relaxing the muscles. For more information, call on 9930629485 or email at askus@kineticliving.in

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