The workout trick that helps models lose weight

Victoria’s Secret Angel and Michael Kors muse Martha Hunt knows a thing or two about how to look red-carpet ready. We sat down with the model to discuss her go-to workout, her approach to wellbeing and more. 

The health advice I live by is…

‘I think taking care of yourself physically is important because it also helps you mentally. I don’t work out just for physical reasons; I immediately feel better after a workout so I think it’s really important to fit that in. I think everyone should try and do some, even if it’s just 20 minutes or an hour a few times a week, it really makes a difference. I think it helps with depression, anxiety and all of that. I think that physical health will ultimately help your mental health.’

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Instagram: @marthahunt

My approach to fitness is…

‘Switch it up. I notice the best results in my body and in my mind when I change my routine. It tricks your brain into having to connect to your body. When you end up doing the same exercise over and over again, you don’t see the results.

‘I think it’s really important to challenge yourself and try new things. There was one point when I was stuck doing the same thing and I sort of plateaued and I didn’t feel like I was changing much. I was only doing it because I was comfortable and it was my routine, but as soon as I changed it, I immediately noticed results. Now, I work with a trainer and every time we work out, we do something different so that’s been a really important step for me.

‘Because I have scoliosis, I can’t do too much boxing because I need to work on really opening up my shoulders, so we do more biometric exercises and lately we’ve been doing a lot of bodyweight stuff. We don’t just stick to core and glutes – I used to think that was the answer, that if I have a nice butt and abs and it would be fine, but lately I’ve realised that everything is connected and you should really do things that give your entire body a full workout. The best exercise incorporates strict training in every area of your body.’

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Instagram : @marthahunt

My wellbeing tip is…

‘It’s important to decompress and empty out your brain, whether that’s by reading and getting lost in a book or meditating. Essentially, just do whatever it takes to get off the screens and let your mind really relax.

Also, I’ve been carrying vitamin supplements around with me – I take the Kora one and another collagen beauty one – I really think they make a difference. I’ll just put it in a bottle of water and shake it up. I feel better and I notice differences in my skin. It could just be in my head but that doesn’t really matter because I feel better regardless of if it is a placebo or not.’

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Instagram : @marthahunt

Green juice or coffee?

‘I should probably say green juice, but definitely coffee. I’ve had too much today already.’

Barre or boxing?

‘I know I’ve said I’m not allowed to do it too much, but boxing is more fun so I’d have to go with that.’

From: ELLE UK 

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