You need to get on board with the new MyHomeFitness app Advertisement

You need to get on board with the new MyHomeFitness app

Personal trainers schooled by celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza and all

By Anjan Sachar  November 25th, 2016

You’ve probably heard of Ramona Braganza before – she’s the woman responsible for some of Hollywood’s fittest bodies (She’s been Jessica Alba’s personal trainer for over a decade!) and famed for her 3-2-1 training method. Now, get access to her expertise with MyHomeFitness, a fitness app launching this January aka all you need to stick to those New Year resolutions. It let’s you pre-book a personal trainer for a one-on-one or group session in your home, at your office, or wherever else you like to workout, with just a few taps. Braganza has personally trained each one of them, so you know you’re in safe hands. She fills us in on why this app is worth your phone’s precious real estate.

ELLE: How does the MyHomeFitness app work?
Ramona Braganza: It’s a complete program that services you in your home. It includes personal training at your own time with hardly any equipment. Plus, you can also track your progress and you’ll be able to communicate with me through a newsletter.

ELLE: What kind of activities does the app offer?
The program will include my 3-2-1 training method. It’s been designed in a way to fit your goals, whether it’s weight loss or muscle building; we can cater the program to you or you can have your friends come over and do a group workout. It includes cardio, circuit training with strength training, core, flexibility and nutrition. For me, doing a total workout everyday includes all those four things. If you don’t do all four you’ll lack in something – you won’t build muscle tissue, you won’t burn fat, you wont strengthen your abs. With the core part we have Pilates involved, in the warm up stretch there’ll be yoga involved, so really it’s a program that introduces you to many different things. It’s a way to kind of facilitate working out, without a lot of equipment, whether you do 10 or 20 minutes a day.

ELLE: How did you devise the 3-2-1 method?
 I started working with Jessica Alba when she began her acting career and during that time I developed the method. We were always on location, shooting, we didn’t have  a lot of equipment or time. I had to make it effective and efficient and this was the formula I came up with. It’s 3 cardio, 2 circuit and 1 core. This program works really well especially for women, for men we’re trying to build more muscle so I focus more on the strength training part. For a person with injury or a new mother, I would focus more on the core. There’s a way to customise it so you get the results you want but it has all those elements every time.

ELLE: How does this app stand out from other fitness apps in the market?
RB: Not too many apps in the market actually deliver a trainer to your doorstep. So I’m coming in to your living room through people that I have personally trained and bringing you the workout that I use when I’m on location with my clients. A lot of apps will give you a workout on the phone but they won’t actually help you to stay on the program, they won’t motivate you, give you a meal plan. Things like that are all a part of this program.

ELLE: Will you be introducing new workout routines to India through the app?
RB: We’re going to have the basic plan and every few weeks we’re going to add new routines and exercises. We’ll start everyone somewhere at a beginners level. I don’t believe in trainers who make you workout for one hour and then you can’t walk the next day. I’ll gradually build your confidence and strength.

ELLE: What are your tips on making the best of the app?
RB: You should use all the tools the app offers not just once or twice a week but everyday. Start with four times a week, 10 minutes a day. Increasing your intake of water, eating by the plan, all of these things will make changes in 3 months easily. 

ELLE: For someone who’s short on time, what kind of workout would you recommend?
RB: A 10 minute version of the 3-2-1. The first minute you’re doing cardio, from 2-4 you’re doing circuit training including 3 different exercises, the 5th is cardio again, the next 3 are circuit training, the 9th is cardio and the 10th is core. If you don’t stop in the middle of each exercise and do one minute of each, you’ll really feel the workout.  

ELLE: What’s the nutrition plan to go with the workout like?
RB: Eat frequently and smaller portions. If we reduce the number of calories we eat with each meal but increase the frequency and increase our metabolism, we become much more efficient at digesting the food. Unfortunately, it’s an Indian way to eat a big meal at 10pm. We need to train ourselves, because we aren’t burning as many calories as our parents used to burn, it used to work for them. We’re more sedentary and don’t eat all day and go home and eat the biggest meal ever. If you’re eating 3 meals, 2 snacks, and a minimum of 1 litre of water, you’ll retrain your bodies and minds and then you’ll see changes that’ll benefit you in the long run. 

ELLE: How do you get rid of bad habits like sugar cravings?
RB: They happen when your insulin dips. The goal is to eat in a way that keeps that even by eating many times in the day. When you don’t, you crave sugar and then you’ll have an instant spike and drop.