Your daily horoscope: April 3 Advertisement

Your daily horoscope: April 3

It's good news for Aries

By ELLE team  April 3rd, 2018

Your daily horoscope for April 3 is here and we have some good news… and some better news. If your star sign is Aries, you’re looking at less stressful work days, so hallelujah, this might be a good time to ask your boss for vacay time.

The charts insist that Sagittarius needs to take a serious break, and well, doesn’t everybody. Now’s the time to practice saying ‘no’ to things that will bring you unnecessary drama. If you’re a Capricorn, today is all about focusing on friendships, long-term goals and collaborations while our good friend Pisces is enjoying a particularly stimulating day of creativity and could very well be having an A-Ha moment as we speak. 

Daily horoscope: April 3


This is one serious Monday, Aquarius. Saturn, the planet of law, is clashing with Mars, the planet of action and aggression. Since this meet-up takes place in your house of dreams, much of the fierce energy might be stuck in your subconscious. It's a good idea to make it conscious if you can – gently. 

You have so many new ideas streaming through at once today,
Pisces. Passion is fabulous as long as it doesn't overwhelm with you with the
whole "too much of a good thing" influence. As long as you break it all down
into manageable working goals, you'll stay inspired and productive.


The energy is finally starting to lighten up, Aries. The Moon and
Jupiter are merging today and making for sexier spring vibes. You won't be as
weighed down with work and other ongoing life stressors. Let go of worry or fear,
and focus on what you're most passionate about.

Relationships are the focus of the day, Taurus. The Moon and
Jupiter are aligning in your opposite sign of Scorpio, emphasizing going deeper
with the one or ones you love. Although your overall energy levels are
plummeting a bit, you adore having time to focus on intimacy instead of stress.

This is one of the sexier days on record, Cancer. After the past
few days of emotional sludge, you'll really appreciate the shift in energies.
The Moon and Jupiter are lighting up your romance zone now, highlighting your
love and creative life. It's finally starting to feel like spring.

You are in quite an intense and passionate mood today, Leo. The
stars are aligned in your home zone, inviting you to be more of a homebody and
connect deeply with your latest creative obsessions. You need absolute focus
without interruption, so keep your phone and other devices unplugged.

With Mars and Saturn wrestling for control of your creativity zone today, you might find yourself struggling with an idea or the execution of a project that you started a while back. Part of you is wildly passionate about it, and the other part of you may be holding back a bit. 

Money, money and more money is where you're at today, Libra. You
may find it hard to focus (read: obsess) about anything else under the current
stars. The good news is that you can definitely tap into brilliant ways to make
more cash, but you're also just as good at devising strategies to spend it.

Your ruling planet Mars is making astro-headlines today, Scorpio. The planet of unbridled passion is closely conjunct Saturn, the planet of authority and rules. These two energetic forces are so different that they can barely recognize one another, and this can bring a lot of stress in communication.

The stars are aligning in the part of your chart that insists you
take a serious break. Yes, resting, reflecting and retreating are essential
now, Sagi. You seem to lose access to the word "no" at times, because
everything feels like a yes in the moment. The problem is overloading your

The Moon and Jupiter are meeting up in your community zone today,
Capricorn. Your focus is on friendships, long-term goals and collaborations.
You are even a bit obsessed with your current tribe, which only adds to the
inspiration. There are so many people you adore and want to connect to.


From: Elle UK